Zona Camera to replace motorcycle mirrors?

Camera to replace motorcycle mirrors?

A new helmet rearview camera system is safer than conventional mirrors, according to four-time World Superbike champion Carl Fogarty. In this video, the world champ says the British Zona camera system means he can concentrate on the road ahead while still keeping an eye on the rear vision via a screen in his periphery vision. …

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Skully HUD head-up display helmet inventions

Weird motorcycle inventions of 2016

Crowd funding is not only allowing innovative motorcycle inventions to come to market, but also allowing inventors to test the market. Unfortunately, crowd funding hit a major setback in 2016 when Skully head-up display helmets(pictured above) went belly-up. It was the fastest and most over-subscribed Kickstarter campaign yet, but it seems the founders squandered the …

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Seemore HUD unit

Seemore HUD to replace Skully?

Polish company Seemore plans to introduce head-up display (HUD) helmets in the wake of the controversial collapse of Skully Helmets in the USA. Rather than making the helmets, Seemore founder Gzegorz (Greg) Palmer tells us he is negotiating with three major European helmet manufacturers to include their HUD device. “We have great knowledge in HUD …

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FUSAR Smart helmet has unlimited range

Head-up replaced by eyes-up display?

Head-up display for riders has not died with the closure of American HUD helmet company Skully as fellow Americans FUSAR Technologies are developing “Eyes-Up Display”. Skully was the fastest fully-funded campaign on Indiegogo to reach $1 million, but now it has crashed and left customers likely to lose deposits. It has also set back head-up …

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Delays in HUD

Delays in rider HUD as Skully closes

Head-up display was promised as the next big thing in motorcycle helmet technology, but now Skully Helmets has collapsed amid a misappropriations scandal while other developers are holding off. Head-up display shows vital information either on the visor or a small periphery translucent screen. It has been a feature in luxury cars for a few years and was first used …

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Skully HUD head-up display helmet

Skully HUD helmet held up again

The world’s first commercially available motorcycle helmet with HUD (head-up display) has been held up for mass delivery yet again. While some pre-production Skully AR-1 helmets have gone out to the motorcycle media for review and to those who supported their crowd-funding program two years ago, deliveries to other customers have been further delayed. The …

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Skully AR-1 HUD helmet

Helmet laws delay Skully head-up display

The changing helmet laws in Australia have caused a delay in the delivery of the Skully AR-1 head-up display (HUD) helmet. The Californian makers of the world’s first commercially available motorcycle helmet with HUD say they have received more than 100 orders from Australia. While they originally said they would apply for the lengthy Australian approval process, …

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Skully AR-1 HUD helmet

Skully AR-1 HUD helmet gears up

The world’s first commercially available motorcycle helmet with head-up display, the Skully AR-1, is increasing production to meet worldwide demand, including Australia. First worldwide deliveries of the Skully AR-1 were to be made this month, but safety testing has set that back to September. A Skully spokesman called “Joey” says they have have applied for Australian AS/NZS …

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Cranium iC-R motorcycle helmet

Smart helmet has solar charger

Motorcycle helmets are becoming so smart with Bluetooth, sensors, cameras and more that they are a drain on battery power, but not this helmet with a solar panel back-up. The Cranium iC-R motorcycle helmet is loaded with features including twin rearview cameras, twin colour LCD heads-up displays, GPS, smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth intercom, phone, internet, radar …

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Edison helmet

Edison helmet connects to internet

Riders may soon be able to connect to the internet and access Google Maps via a tiny Edison computer in their helmet. Intel has displayed a helmet using an Edison chip computer at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress. The helmet also has built-in brake and indicator lights on the back that work in time with a …

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