Ultimate Harley-Davidson

The Ultimate Motorcycle Shopping Guide

(By “Boris”, a passionate blogger and founder of WhatisSUV.com) So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge, live out your dreams exploring the open roads and touring about town by purchasing your own motorcycle. Even if it doesn’t happen to be your first motorcycle, rather you are just looking to replace your existing one, motorcycle …

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Has Honda lost its Mojo?

I’m a little bit sad. It seems like Big Red has lost its Mojo. It seems Honda is more concerned with the volume Indian and Chinese markets these days. The company that brought us the CB750, Fireblade, Blackbird and so many GP victories seems to have lost its way since the GFC when they virtually …

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Is it wrong to feel like a rebel biker?

I’ve been testing a couple of bikes recently that got me thinking about being a supposedly rebel biker. Why are bikes and bikers cast as rebels, outlaws, or villains? And indeed is that a bad thing? I see bikes as a green solution to our woeful state of traffic, an easy way to clear up …

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