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BMW warranty and package deal sets standard

BMW Motorrad Australia has increased its warranty to three years on all new bikes and now offers discount package service deals on new and used bikes. While the car industry has up to seven-year warranties, the bulk of the motorcycle industry offers two-year warranties. Yamaha offers a five-year warranty on its Star cruisers and the …

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Miserly guide to motorcycles

Miserly guide to buying a motorbike

Most riders buy a motorbike out of passion, but some pragmatic, miserly riders want something cheap to maintain for commuting purposes. However, even practical people looking for cheap commuting should be aware of the hidden costs of motorcycles. Yes, they are cheap on fuel, parking and tolls, but there are some major costs involved in …

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How often should you change your oil?

Motorcycle manufacturers are extending service intervals in a bid to woo customers looking for cheaper maintenance, but should you change your oil more frequently? Some service intervals are now as high as 15,000km. But does your motorcycle engine oil really last that long? Meticulous owners still change their oils more regularly than required in the owner’s …

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Are independent bike mechanics protected? tools mechanic workshop

Are independent bike mechanics protected?

Independent motorcycle mechanics seem to be dying out at a rapid rate. Is it because motorcycle manufacturers are withholding servicing information or making it too expensive – some at up to $1900 a year for just one engine platform. A war of words has now broken out over whether manufacturers are withholding vital servicing information …

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DIY servicing at a garage

There is a third alternative for people who don’t want to get their bike serviced by a dealer or do it themselves at home. We’ve covered DIY here and looked at going to a non-dealer here. But you can also find some home mechanics who have all the tools and know-how and will charge you a …

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