Riders ‘risk cancer from autonomous cars positive automated

Riders ‘risk cancer’ from autonomous cars

Riders could be exposed to an increased cancer risk caused by microwave radiation from autonomous cars (self-driving), according to a British engineer. Mark Steele, chief technology officer at Reevu Helmets, says they have avoided problems of radiation with their upcoming Head-Up Display (HUD) helmet. However, he says authorities around the world are turning a blind …

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How will self-driving cars affect riders?

Riders have been invited to make submissions on road rules about the coming revolution of automated self-driving vehicles. The National Transport Commission (NTC) is considering how Australian governments should amend driver laws to facilitate the introduction of automated vehicles. However, their press release said they were asking road transport agencies, police, and industry to  make …

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Self-driving cars safer for riders

Self-driving cars, trucks and even motorcycles, are coming faster than we think, but experts have assured riders there is nothing to fear. In fact, BMW Motorrad spokesman Karl Viktor Schaller says they will make riding safer because autonomous vehicles (AVs) will be virtually crashproof. His announcement comes in a week that BMW Motorrad announced their …

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