Cable lock for ratchet helmet

Securing a ratchet helmet to your bike

Many helmets now come with quick-release ratchet-lock chin straps that present a problem in securing them to your parked motorcycle because they don’t have D-rings. Some people like ratchet locks because they are convenient yet others believe the D-ring is far safer. All motorcycle racers have D-rings. But it didn’t seem to help Marco Simoncelli. …

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BrakeFix stops sidestand roll-aways

How to stop sidestand roll-aways

Some motorcycles have sturdy and long sidestands and are very unlikely to roll off the sidestand, but some are too short, too flimsy and almost vertical which means almost any movement will have them toppling over. But there are some simple, cheap, complex and expensive fixes for the age-old problem. The cheapest and easiest is tying rubber bands or a …

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