Ducati test ride demo motorcycle sales showroom selling motorcycles pace sales slide

Motorcycle sales slide picks up pace

Motorcycle sales are continuing their slide and even picking up pace with a 14.6% drop in the first quarter of 2019. It’s the biggest quarterly drop since the slide began in 2017 and cause for concern. According to data released today by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), 18,438 motorcycles, ATVs and scooters were …

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Lambretta V200 Special

Lambretta V200 Special has flair

After several years as a trendy merchandise and clothing brand, Italian-origin Lambretta has returned to our market with a range of scooters, topped by the V200 Special. The range includes V50 and V50 Special ($3590), V125 and V125 Special ($4290), V200 and V200 Special ($4990) and limited-edition Pirelli ($5390). (All are retail prices and do not …

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Melbourne roads lane filtering more often congestion

Should a congestion tax exempt motorcycles?

Melbourne hopes to join several other cities by introducing a congestion tax for its CBD to solve traffic problems, but it has made no mention of exempting motorcycles and scooters. The city’s Reducing Traffic for Better Streets paper suggests a road-user charge per kilometre to replace vehicle registration fees and/or fuel excise. As it is just a discussion …

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Italian bike fans celebrate 10th Motogiro

The 10th annual national Motogiro cross-country rally for small-capacity Italian-made bikes and scooters is on this August with a special anniversary dinner and display. The organisers are Italian bike collectors Pete Morrow and Trevor Fryer who live in South East Queensland and use the beautiful region to stage their annual event. They started the untimed …

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moped submission mopeds

Should moped riders have a motorcycle licence?

Some governments around the world allow unlicensed teenagers and motorists with a full car licence to ride a 50cc moped. However, there are also riders and authorities that believe moped riders should have a motorcycle licence or that mopeds should be off the road altogether.  (Laws vary throughout the world, but a moped is usually …

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CARRS-Q QUT researcher dr Ross Blackman Motorbike online survey novice riders

Novice riders needed for motorcycle survey

Novice riders are being asked to fill out a short online survey that will help researchers determine the effectiveness of changes to Queensland motorcycle licensing. Click on this link to read all about the survey.  Or click here to go straight to the survey. Road safety research fellow and Triumph Street Triple rider Ross Blackman (pictured …

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Noosa scooters moped

Noosa leads with motorbike parking

Noosa in Queensland is leading the way for two-wheeled transport with an equal number of motorbike parking spaces as car spaces in its main street and an official policy to encourage their use. This contrasts with Sydney which has recently reduced its CBD kerbside parking to accommodate bus, pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure as part of …

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Motorcycle legend Bertrand Cadart hangs up his gear

Mayor ‘Le Frog’ hangs up his riding gear

The scooter-riding Mayor who played Clunk in the first Mad Max movie and registered the first motorcycle-friendly municipality in Australia is hanging up his riding gear. French-born Bertrand Cadart has handed over his Honda SilverWing scooter, riding gear and the boots we wore as “Clunk” to be displayed at the Swansea local history museum in …

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