Theft thieves stolen recover

Stolen bikes take longer to recover

Stolen motorcycles and scooters are now taking longer to recover, according to the latest National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council report. It shows that in the 12 months to March 2020, motor vehicle theft rose 11% while motorcycle and scooter theft was up a whopping 19% to 9938. Motorcycle thefts by state State or Territory …

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Call for Ebikes to be registered

Ebikes or pedal-assisted electric bicycles are growing out of control in many countries, creating danger for other road users, robbing motorcyclists of parking and giving all riders a bad name. There are now calls in Australia and around the world for regulation or registration for these vehicles. In China it is so bad, more than …

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Cyclists in bike lanes ride to work day lane filtering bus lanes reward

Should motorcycles be allowed in bicycle lanes?

Should motorcycles and scooters be allowed in bicycle lanes for short intervals at a limited speed to free up inner-city commuter traffic? It’s not such an unusual proposal. Motorcycles and scooters have their own lanes in several countries including New Zealand. Even VicRoads considered it for inclusion in the lane filtering rules after it was recommended …

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Sanitised scooter sparks fireball

An Indian rider has escaped serious injury when his scooter sparked a fireball as it was sanitised at a roadside coronavirus checkpoint. The health measure is one of many used to try to control the coronavirus infection rate in India which is almost 200,000 with more than 5500 deaths. Thankfully the rider jumps free, although …

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ubereats scooter bag fate delivery

Delivery riders flouting road rules

Some motorcycle, scooter and bicycle delivery riders are flouting traffic and parking rules, endangering pedestrians and other road users, says Motorcycle Council of NSW vice-chairman Jason Antony. He says it has worsened under the current pandemic lockdown, as more and more people use online services to order meals. Delivery rider scrutiny “The food delivery industry — …

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Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle

Another recall over faulty motorcycle stands

The second recall this week over faulty stands seems to point to a failing among modern motorcycle side and centre stands that are lightweight and flimsy. Earlier this week, the Triumph Thruxton was recalled over a side stand spring that can break off and cause the engine to stall. Now Yamaha has recalled 78 of …

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Scooter fate

Footpath parking fate heard tonight

The fate of footpath parking in some areas of Melbourne’s CBD will be considered tonight (18 February 2020) at a meeting where council will also be asked to regulate rogue delivery scooter parking. Riders have been encourage to attend the Future Melbourne Committee meeting at 5.30pm on the Council Meeting Room, Level 2, Town Hall Administration …

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moped submission mopeds light motorcycles

Should drivers ride light motorcycles?

A new survey has found a large majority of European riders believe drivers should be allowed to ride light motorcycles up to 125cc on a full car licence. In Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory, licensed drivers have been able to ride a 50cc scooter or moped for decades without having to …

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KTM test ride demo motorcycle sales showroom selling motorcycles spiral

KTM, Husky defy road bike slump

KTM and, to a lesser extent Husqvarna, have defied the Australian road bike sales slump of -11.9% last year, according to official statistics from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries released today. Whatever KTM is doing, it seems to be working because the company, together with its acquisition Husqvarna, is also defying the worldwide downward motorcycle sales …

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Motorcycle theft hot spots keyring thieves miserly CCTV black friday thefts stolen boom scammers

Bid to halt motorcycle theft boom

A boom in motorcycle theft rates has prompted the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council to invite rider groups to partner with them to raise security awareness. Australian motor vehicle theft rose 7% in the 12 months to September 2019, largely the result of a 12% boom in motorcycle thefts, the highest of all vehicle …

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