Toby Price Saudi Arabia Dakar Rally

Toby Price defends title in Saudi Arabia

The Dakar Rally has controversially shifted to Saudi Arabia this year where Aussie Toby Price will defend his title in the mainly favourable sandy conditions. “Shakedowns are complete, bike is great thanks to my mechanic Joe,” Toby says on his Facebook page. Leave a word of encouragement on his page! We wish Toby the best …

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Saher speed camera

Saher speed camera bills your account

New Saudi Arabian Saher speed cameras that can also detect tailgaters and excessive lane changing will directly bill a motorist’s bank account when they detect a traffic offence. Saher’s new generation of traffic cameras are being installed throughout Saudi Arabia where 1500 traffic accidents and up to 17 fatalities occur every day. When the cameras …

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Toby Price Saudi Arabia Morocco

Dakar Rally relocates to Saudi Arabia

Aussie Toby Price (pictured above winning the 2018 Morocco rally) will be heading to the dunes of Saudi Arabia next January to defend his Dakar Rally title when the famed event moves from South America to the Middle East. Dakar organiser ASO has signed a five-year deal from 2020 with the tainted nation criticised for human …

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saudi arabia women muslim

Saudi Arabia allows women to ride

Women in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to ride motorcycles and drives trucks from June 2018. A Royal decree issued in September lifted the ban on women driving cars and it has now been clarified that the decree extends to motorcycles and trucks. There will be no discrimination between men and women on traffic laws …

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