British-Indian electric motorcycle 

British electric motorcycle engineering company Saietta has merged with Indian electric motor company Agni Motors, promising a “new breed” of bikes. While their promotional video shows the current Saietta R which looks more like an abstract Picasso bull than a motorcycle, the newly-formed Saietta Group says they will make a range of electric motorcycles, cars, scooters …

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Saietta R electric motorcycle

Saietta electric superbike is a thunderbolt

The Saietta R may look like one of Picasso’s bull paintings more than a motorcycle, but this is no bull – it’s an electric super bike that will whirr up to 100km/h in less than three seconds. In Italian, the name Saietta means thunderbolt! British company Agility began in 2008 and is now producing the Saietta …

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