While some 50,000 people protested against Vladimir Putin’s anti-democratic Moscow council elections, the Russian leader was riding a Ural sidecar to a bike show.

Putin rides Ural as thousands protest

While 50,000 protested against anti-democratic Moscow council elections, Russian leader Vladimir Putin was riding a Ural sidecar to a bike show. You can guess which event the Russian TV news led with … The above “Boss” video is from the Russia Insight supposedly “independent” YouTube channel that has “no affiliation to any government, organisation or company”. …

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Validimir Putin with the Night Wolves

VLAD and Vladimir bad for motorcyclists

VLAD laws and Vlad Putin are making it difficult for riders trying to debunk the penchant among police and legislators for social profiling of motorcyclists. A Russian biker club that has close associations with President Vladimir Putin, plans to ride across several European countries to Berlin for a May 9 ceremony recognising the Red Army’s …

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