Facebook robotic electric motorcycle

Facebook patents robotic electric ‘motorcycle’

Facebook has applied for a patent for what they call a robotic self-balancing electric motorcycle, although it looks more like a mobility skateboard than a motorcycle. However, that doesn’t mean that the company won’t move into the motorcycle industry at some later stage. After all, most electric motorcycle companies are basically technology start-ups, not traditional …

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Kawasaki Rideology will talk with riders

Artificial Intelligence bikes coming

Future Kawasaki motorcycles will have artificial intelligence (AI) that will adapt the bike to your riding style and skill level based on “conversations” between rider and bike. Many riders will have spoken to their bike, usually obscenities when they break down. However, Kawasaki has announced they are developing a natural language dialogue system system where …

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Riderless motorcycles are coming

Yamaha is testing a robot motorcycle, Kawasaki is developing a bike with artificial intelligence and now an engineering student has built a riderless model-sized motorcycle. Could the bikes of the future ride themselves and not need rider input? In the above video, micro-engineering student Eric Unnervik, from the Research institution in Lausanne, explains (in French) how …

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Yamaha Motobot, a robot that rides a motorcycle tests self balancing autonomous

Robot motorbike races Valentino Rossi

Yamaha has announced it will try to beat Valentino Rossi’s lap times with their Motobot, a motorcycle-riding autonomous robot. The Japanese manufacturer hasn’t stipulated which track or tracks, or whether it would be a race against Valentino or just against his lap records, but it is expected to happen in 2017. Their announcement at the …

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Yamaha Robot

Yamaha robot rides motorcycle

Yamaha has unveiled Motobot, a motorcycle-riding robot at the Tokyo Motor Show, sparking concerns about electronic intervention for “rider safety”. The robot was one of several interesting displays on the Yamaha stand including electric bikes and even a car powered by a motorcycle engine. Why would Yamaha build a car and a robot? Maybe it’s …

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