Resurfacing Roadworks

’Tis the season for resurfacing roadworks

Riders should be aware that spring and summer is the season for resurfacing roadworks in most southern areas because the warmer weather makes asphalt more stable and easier to compact. NSW alone has more than 175km of road resurfacing scheduled over the next few months. However, asphalt resurfacing occurs all year round in Queensland, north NSW …

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New Mt Glorious roadworks fail in first rain speed reduced

Wot-thu! Road improved but speed reduced

What is the point of improving the quality of a road at millions of dollars expense to the taxpayers and ratepayers only to then have the speed limit reduced 33%? That is exactly what has happened on one of our favourite motorcycle routes – Mt Nebo Rd – and it is not alone. In recent …

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New Mt Glorious roadworks fail in first rain

New mountain roadworks fail in first rain

Famed motorcycle nirvana Mt Nebo Rd has been upgraded at massive cost to the taxpayer to make it safer only to fail and collapse in the first heavy downpour. What’s worse is that the speed will be permanently reduced to 40km/h even after the road has been improved! Roadworks on Mt Nebo Rd between the …

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10 reasons you should ride to Save the Oxley temporary repairs resurfacing

Temporary Oxley Highway repairs ‘dangerous’

Temporary repairs to the famed and much-loved Oxley Highway mountain section are “dangerous”, according to local riders, but the road is set to be resurfaced “in coming months”. Local rider Ken Healey (pictured above) says on the Port Macquarie Road Riders Facebook page that the mountain is “in the worst state I have ever seen it”. …

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Justice moves slowly over roadworks rider fatality

Some 31 months after a Darwin rider died in a roadworks crash, the wheels of justice grind on slowly as those responsible face fines up to $1.5m. NT Worksafe has charged the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics and Queensland company BMD Constructions with failing to comply with work health and safety obligations. The matter …

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Mike Wright - Pothole repairs claim another rider justice

Shoddy pothole repairs claim another rider

Shoddy pothole repairs in northern NSW seem to be endemic and have claimed at least one more motorcycle rider. Gold Coast rider Mike Wright says he crashed his 2018 Kawasaki Z650 on unsigned roadworks with a lot of surplus gravel on the Clarence Way 10km south of Woodenbong last month. It follows similar crashes in …

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Pothole repair program Steve McMllan

Riders warned on pothole repair program

A pothole repair program being carried out throughout NSW, and possibly other states, could be a danger to riders, says the NSW Motorcycle Council president Steve Pearce. His warning follows recent reports from riders of crashes in potholes fixed by a new process that leaves ball-bearing-sized gravel on the surface. So far, the potholes have …

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Melting tar claims first crash victim Mt Glorious costly repair bitumen

Riders ‘reassured’ over melting bitumen

A recent incident in which melting bitumen caused traffic chaos on a North Queensland road is not the same as the molten tar that caused at least one rider to crash on Mt Glorious last year, says the Main Roads Department. Main Roads was recently forced to close the Malanda-Milla Millaa Road on the Atherton …

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Lions Rd crash loose gravel repair

Crashed rider seeks Sportster repair

A Gold Coast rider who fell in thick and loose gravel on the Lions Rd on the NSW-Queensland border says she plans to “take action” to pay for the repair of her Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster. Robyn Love was riding fourth in a group of 34 riders from the Gold Coast Cruiser Club last Saturday (23 …

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Lions Rd crash loose gravel repairs

Lions Rd loose gravel ‘being fixed’

Thick and loose gravel that caused a Gold Coast rider to fall off her Harley-Davidson on the Lions Rd on the NSW-Queensland border is being fixed. Kyogle Council Director Assets and Infrastructure Services Tony Lickis told us today that “crews are currently in attendance” and the gravel swept away. The incident occurred on Saturday on …

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