Rumble strips roadworks

Riders get ready to rumble!

If you head into roadworks, get ready to rumble over new temporary yellow rumble strips that have been deemed a safe for motorcycles. The temporary portable rumble strips have been trialled in NSW for the past two years and have been used in other states including Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland for a few …

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Oxley highway work

Major work to restore Oxley Highway

It will be at least four weeks before the bushfire-devastated Oxley Highway (above) is again open to traffic as seven Transport for NSW teams carry out extensive repair work. The news is bad for the owners of the Gingers Creek Roadhouse, a popular riders’ rest stop on the fame road. Click here to find out …

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Cheap justice in rider’s roadworks crash

More than three years after a Darwin rider died in a roadworks crash (photo above), the court has dished out cheap justice for the life of the rider. Queensland company BMD Constructions had faced fines of up to $1.5m for failing to comply with work health and safety obligations over the death of Darwin musician …

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Fix roadworks Oxley Highway

Roadworks to fix Oxley Highway mountain section

Long-awaited roadworks to fix the poor state of the famed and much-loved Oxley Highway’s mountain section are about to get underway. Last year local riders described temporary repairs to the mountain section as “dangerous”. Local rider Ken Healey said on the Port Macquarie Road Riders Facebook page that the mountain is “in the worst state I …

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TMR bike inspect road hazards

Motorcycle used to inspect road hazards

VicRoads has rejected the use of a special motorcycle to inspect for motorcycle-specific road hazards, preferring to use specially trained inspectors. Last month Coroner Paresa Spanos found that a bump that caused the death of rider Mark Rodgers and pillion Jodi Walsham may not have been detected by VicRoads because it scans roads in a …

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Resurfacing Roadworks midweek warriors regional

Call for longer roadworks warranty

New roads and roadworks in Australia are falling into disrepair too soon while short warranty periods are allowing contractors to avoid fixing their mistakes. Australia has “defects liability periods” (DLP) from as little as three months to seven years, but mainly around two years. This follows a move in Britain to hold road contractors to …

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Bad Roads Rally roadworks potholes Victoria road hazards bump

Inspectors trained in motorcycle road hazards

A fatal motorcycle crash on a corrugated road surface has sparked a new training program for inspectors to look out for specific road hazards that endanger motorcyclists. VicRoads Safe System Road Infrastructure Program director Scott Lawrence says the training for existing surveillance officers would help road crews “better identify imperfections and other potential road hazards …

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Melting tar on Oxley highway fix water

Water to cool melting tar in heatwave

Water is being sprayed over the Oxley Highway to blast away excess bitumen and cool the road down after it began melting in the current heatwave conditions. The road began melting in December in 31C heat and is now melting even more as temperature soar higher. Save the Oxley campaigner Ken Healey says the lines of molten …

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Oxley Highway sand fix

Sand a short-term fix for melting tar

The recent over-application of sand on the Oxley Highway to fix slippery melting tar is a short-term fix that has outraged many riders. Since we published an article about the thick sand across the road, Roads and Maritime Services have been actively sweeping the road. However, Motorcycle Council of NSW chairman Steve Pearce says it …

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