Oil spill

Rider has lucky escape in oil spill crash

An 81-year-old rider is counting his blessings after hitting an oil spill and sliding his BMW until the front wheel hung over a precipitous drop into a deep gorge. Allan Shephard of Brisbane says he was enjoying a midweek ride on his old R 80 RT on the Sunshine Coast hinterland when the frightening incident …

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Road names motorcycles Triumph Street Scrambler

Road names that entice exploration

If I pass roads with names such as Goat Track or Hell Hole Creek Road, it’s like a red rag to a bull and I simply have to explore it. Sometimes these roads have warning signs that ban trucks or caravans, or warn of tight curves, gravel and other hazards. It’s only more reason to …

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Grafton Five tips for riding wooden bridges

20% of timber bridges need fixing

Timber bridges add authenticity to a rural ride, but they can be a particular danger to riders with longitudinal planks, rotting wood and exposed spikes. The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) says one in five of these local timber bridges are in poor condition and there is an extensive backlog of bridges that need fixing. …

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Melting tar claims first crash victim Mt Glorious costly repair bitumen

Riders ‘reassured’ over melting bitumen

A recent incident in which melting bitumen caused traffic chaos on a North Queensland road is not the same as the molten tar that caused at least one rider to crash on Mt Glorious last year, says the Main Roads Department. Main Roads was recently forced to close the Malanda-Milla Millaa Road on the Atherton …

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Epidemic of reduced speed limits in 2016 fuel economy designer

Road designer explains speed limits

A former road designer says “safety has nothing to do” with reducing the speed limits and police and governments can change them with no good reason. The government official cannot be named for job security reasons, but he gave us an example of a recent speed reduction. “The latest one I’ve done went from 100 …

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