Lower truck speed limit trialled on the Monash Freeway

Is truck speed limit trial doomed?

The trial of a 90km/h speed limit for trucks on a section of the Melbourne Monash Freeway starting today (August 25, 2016) could be doomed to failure. This official animation video shows no benefit in traffic flow and even shows cars and motorcycles undertaking and making dangerous manoeuvres around trucks spread across the four-lane freeway.   …

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Motorcycles and trucks divided

Truck drivers and motorcycle riders seem to share a kinship of the open road. However, at the risk of upsetting truckies, there is a great divide between the two, not just in size, but in transport and road safety issues. While motorcycles can be the solution to many traffic problems, trucks are often the cause, …

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Bendy flexible Chevroflex signs are not dangrous

Flexible road signs save riders’ lives

Flexible road signs that reduce impact in motorcycle crashes are being trialled at several motorbike hotspots around the country. The Chevroflex signs bend and then return to their original position after impact says Peter Nuttall (pictured below) of Brisbane company RUD Chains which distributes the Glasdon Chevroflex signs and makes the steel anchor points. They …

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Tailgating tops motorist irks list

Tailgating, throwing litter out of cars and sending text messages are the top motorist gripes in the annual RACQ What Drives You Crazy? survey. Since rear-enders are the biggest cause of motorcycle accidents, it comes as no surprise to riders that tailgaters are enemy number one. RACQ Senior Road Safety Advisor Joel Tucker said tailgating …

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Learn learner novice Ride to Review plate

Motorcycle licensing review

Queensland and Western Australia continue to lag behind other states in their motorcycle licensing requirements. While WA is still reviewing their licensing system, the Queensland motorcycle licensing inquiry has rejected calls for new riders to undergo a second test after six months and for returned riders to do a test. WA and Queensland also allow …

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Scooter riders a menace?

Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you. The Victorian Scooter Riders Association claims drivers use the vulnerability of bike and scooter riders to intimidate and endanger them. VSRA spokesman Stephen Bardsley cites an AAMI survey which found that one third of all drivers believe scooter riders are the “new menace” …

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Victoria rejects bike levy ban

Motorcycle riders have been left feeling a little flat after a bike safety report that promised so much has failed to convince the legislators to deliver on some of its important points. The Victorian Government Road Safety Committee’s 500+ page final report on their 18-month Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety (PIMS) contained 64 recommendations positive …

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