nsw cops police Horror bike crashes in two states lying seeking

Ducati rider dies after collision

A 37-year-old Ducati rider has died overnight in hospital after a collision with a Subaru Outback in Sydney’s Inner West just after 5pm yesterday (20 June 2019). Police say the motorcycle and station wagon collided at the intersection of Old Canterbury Road and Dixson Avenue, Dulwich Hill. The male motorcyclist was treated at the scene by NSW …

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Wire rope barriers promise widow vote honoured diverted

Road repairs diverted to fix wire ropes

If riders needed another reason to reject wire rope barriers, it could be the fact that VicRoads has diverted road repair funds to fixing damaged barriers. Riders have long been divided on whether WRBs are dangerous or not. Thousands of riders have signed a petition to halt the rollout in Victoria. The petition was launched last year …

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BMW Motorrad SOS alert button tracker message

BMW riders still wait on SOS call

Australian riders will have to wait for possibly life-saving motorcycle SOS functions as Telstra does not yet have the right hardware. Last year, BMW offered the SOS button either as as an ex-factory or aftermarket option on their K1600 models. However, it is not available in Australia because of an eCall hardware update and the lack of …

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Driver training car motorcycles awareness

Why the resistance to driver training?

Despite motorcycle riders calling for more driver training and awareness of riders, authorities continue to resist for a variety of reasons. Riders believe better trained drivers would be more aware of them and rules such as lane filtering, making their ride safer. However, politicians and authorities usually reject driver training as being expensive, promoting hooning …

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Motobrite hazard sign

MotoBrite sign for roadside breakdowns

Welsh invention MotoBrite increases the visibility of motorcycles broken down at the side of the road at night or in fog with its high-density LED hazard warning sign. The hazard sign is hidden underneath the number plate and can quickly be deployed in an emergency situation. It would be much more noticeable than motorcycle hazard …

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Concrete road surface

Sydney tests recycled concrete road

Riders concerned about road surfaces and maintenance may be interested in a test Sydney City Council is running with concrete made with recycled material. Council has installed a short 30m test section consisting of 15m of traditional concrete and 15m of recycled “geopolymer” on Wyndham Street, Alexandria, a heavy use road to the airport. The …

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Fabienne Phillips of Girl Torque.cc win female rider training for mother's day women education

Education most important road safety strategy

A clear majority of road users believe education is the most important road safety strategy, according to a preliminary review of a major survey on attitudes to road safety strategies. Survey author Dr João Canoquena of the University of Notre Dame Australia says it is too early to reach conclusions from the survey. “Road maintenance was mostly …

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herd mentality road safety traffic

Speed enforcement causes herd mentality

Years of rigid speed enforcement have created a herd mentality that could be just as dangerous as having high-speed lunatics in our midst. Over the past 20 years, traffic in our nation has been beaten into submission by the heavy handed use of speed cameras and police patrols. The road safety rhetoric has changed from …

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2016 Victory Octane key

Is traction control a key to safety?

The push for mandatory traction control in motorcycles seems to be starting already with a VicRoads safety campaign emphasising it is a key to rider safety. The campaign features an erroneous online quiz which suggests that traction control will “prevent you from falling off”. VicRoads is not alone in suggesting traction control and other electronic …

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night riding tips

Tips for Staying Safe While Riding at Night

(Sponsored post) Going on a night ride can be a calming and exhilarating experience for any motorcycle enthusiast. The absence of traffic and more quiet surroundings are just some of the reasons why riding at night is worthwhile. But apart from quiet and open streets, bikers still face considerable risks as the streets go darker …

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