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Woman charged over hit-run bike crash

A woman has been charged with dangerous driving and leaving the scene of a crash after a hit-run crash with a motorcycle in Sydney yesterday that left a rider and pillion with leg injuries. Police will allege a 22-year-old Sans Souci woman was driving a Peugeot hatchback east along Forest Road, Peakhurst, about 1.20am (Monday …

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Does camera surfing cause speeding?

Camera surfing is the phenomenon where riders and drivers slow as they approach a speed camera and then speed up after the cameras. The expression of camera surfing was developed by former Victorian Road Safety Camera Commissioner Gordon Lewis and it’s been proved in research by his office. So does that mean rather than generally …

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Five tips for riding wooden bridges rhythm

Enjoy the rhythm of your riding

The most satisfying and enjoyable ride is not always the fastest or quickest, but the one where you develop a pleasant, flowing and almost musical rhythm. Rhythm generally means a “movement marked by the regulated succession of strong and weak elements, or of opposite or different conditions”. It’s all about finding a suitable rhythm in …

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Western Australia WA government lane filtering consultation paper and online survey traffic look

10 traffic hazards on rider lookout list

Apart from scanning the road for hazards such as potholes and gravel, riders need to be on the lookout for potential hazards in the traffic. Motorbike Writer reader Moe Adamson approached us with a number of suggestions for traffic situations that could be particularly hazardous to riders. We have increased his list to 10 and …

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Rider and pillion injured in hit/run

The recent spate of hit-and-run crashes leaving motorcyclists injured and dead has continued with an incident early this morning in Sydney. A male rider and his female pillion, both in their 30s, suffered leg injuries after a collision with a vehicle about 1.20am (8 April 2019) at the intersection of Forest Road and Jersey Avenue, Penshurst. …

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How not to wear a motorcycle helmet fitting

Riders wearing badly fitting helmets

As many as one in four riders may be wearing a badly fitting helmet, resulting in the helmet coming off in a crash. A recent report from the UK Transport Research Laboratory says 25% of motorcyclists wear a helmet that is the wrong size. More than half wore a helmet that was too big and …

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Could self-cancelling indicators prevent T-bone crashes? safety contract turning

Motorcycles vulnerable to turning crashes

Most accidents involving motorcycles and other vehicles occur when the other vehicle is turning across their path. The result can be lethal as the rider hits the car in a t-bone fashion, rather than a glancing blow. There are a number of scenarios of turning-vehicle crashes where the rider is completely blameless and others where …

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Dangers of organised group rides numbers pass

How to pass in a motorcycle pack

Riding in a group can be fun, but it also has its hazards, not the least being how to pass other vehicles on the road and whether you should pass other riders in your group. These issues involve tactics, patience, safety and courtesy. One of the great joys and advantages of riding a motorcycle is …

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Leather pants in surprise MotoCAP ratings

Leather pants surprise MotoCAP ratings

In a surprise result, leather pants may be no safer than some denim riding jeans, according to the latest ratings from MotoCAP. The world’s first safety and comfort ratings system for motorcycle clothing has found only one out of seven pairs of leather pants that rated four stars for safety. Draggin Next Gen and Triumph …

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Lane filtering lane splitting America danger bosch filter work

More confusion over lane splitting and filtering

If you think Australian road rules and lane filtering rules vary substantially between states, how about the USA where the only two states with lane splitting have completely different rules! California has now been joined by Utah which has recently legalised lane splitting, while several more states are considering lane-splitting rules. Lane splitting It’s called …

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