Helmet still crash tested in Australia rated

30 motorcycle helmets rated for safety

Only seven out of 30 helmets tested this year for safety and comfort by the NSW Consumer Rating and Assessment of Safety Helmets (CRASH) rated four out of five stars. Worst performing helmets were open-face helmets. Three open-face helmets scored just one star (Bell Scout Air, Eldorado EXR and R Jays Navona II) two scored two …

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Motorcycle police VicPol road uniform demonises patrols

Victorian Police patrols for MotoGP visitors

Victorian Police have warned riders heading to the Phillip Island MotoGP this weekend of increased patrols in and around the track. The annual Operation MotoSafe will also concentrate on eastern Victorian roads leading to the venue.  Eastern Region Road Policing Inspector Stephen Cooper said that this year has been a “particularly challenging year” on Victorian …

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lane filter filtering splitting traffic commute commuting congestion Brisbane

Narrow lanes ‘would promote riding’

Rather than making roads wider, new research shows that adding more narrower lanes to existing roads would not only aid traffic flow but also promote more motorcycles and scooters. University of Melbourne professor Chair of Statistics and motorbike rider Prof Richard Huggins says the plan has some merit. The Grattan Institute suggests narrow lanes would …

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Gloves and jeans fail safety tests

Motorcycle gloves and jeans have once again scored a big fail in the independent Australian MotoCAP safety ratings while the jeans scored well for thermal comfort. The latest round of testing includes five pair of jeans and four gloves. Only one set of gloves scored two safety stars, while the rest scored just one. It follows …

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Komine JK-084 3D mesh inner vest

Komine mesh vest for long hot summer

This Komine JK-084 3D mesh inner vest will take the heat out of your riding this long, hot summer. We’ve already had a few days riding in almost 40C heat, so we’ve been able to give this vest a good test under both a leather jacket and a flow-through mesh summer jacket. While it may …

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Lane filtering lane splitting America danger bosch filter work

Does Lane Splitting Make Motorcyclists Safer?

(Sponsored post on lane splitting for our North American readers) Lane-splitting is the act of riding a motorcycle between the lanes of traffic on a freeway or city road. It’s a controversial topic in motorcycle safety, with a variety of opinions and different laws on whether it benefits motorcyclists or puts them in more danger. …

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ANCAP crash test dummy

Rider safety to count in ANCAP ratings

Rider safety will become an important requirement in cars obtaining star ratings from 2022 under the ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program) ratings. That means it will be tougher for cars to obtain a full five stars unless they have active mechanisms to detect and avoid crashes with motorcycles. They include blind spot alerts, autonomous …

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Motorists rewarded for seeing Joe Rider Ulysses Orange Branch tragic

Joe Rider vests make drivers aware of riders

Riders will be wearing Joe Rider vests during Motorcycle Awareness Month in October to make Sydney drivers aware of how many riders are on the road. Motorcycle Council of NSW chairman Kevin “Trip” Henry says their road safety campaign will encourage drivers to look out for ‘Joe’ on their way to work. There will be …

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