One of the biggest problems with the development of autonomous cars is the detection of small and vulnerable motorcyclists in traffic.

Riders help develop autonomous cars

One of the biggest problems with the development of autonomous cars is the detection of small and vulnerable motorcyclists in traffic. So the San Francisco chapter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club recently volunteered the services of seven members to help develop Aurora Driver technology. They spent a day riding around with cars driven in manual mode …

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Kids children Don’t ever sit on another rider’s bike Jump Start beginner child age

Should motorcycle rider age be lowered?

While some states want potential riders to first obtain a car licence before getting a bike licence, Germany has lowered its riding age from 16 to 15. Riding age varies throughout the world with Kosovo allowing riders and drivers on the road from the age of 12! Lower licence age? While that might seem extreme, …

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Tweed Heads Free motorcycle first-and course

Free motorcycle first-aid course offered

If you come across a rider down, have you done a first-aid course so you know how to apply relevant emergency aid? There are various motorcycle-specific first-aid courses offered around the country, but Tweed Heads Council is offering a first-aid workshop for free next weekend (Saturday 23 November 2019) at the Pottsville Beach Community Hall. …

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Ghost D30 armour

D3O Ghost armour protects and comforts

Motorcycle clothing armour can be stiff, hot and make your gear tight, but new, thin Ghost limb protection armour from D3O is expected to cage all that. The CE-approved armour was unveiled by motorcycle clothing companies Furygan and Richa at the recent EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. D3O brand manager Blanche Maass says their protectors …

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Passing lanes gap look overtaking rider skills

Rider Skills: How to Improve Your Overtaking

Contributed post on How to improve your overtaking (for our North American readers) Risk-taking has been singled out as the factor behind around 50% of fatal motorcycle accidents and approximately 28% of non-fatal motorcycle crashes, according to research done by the Queensland University of Technology. Overtaking without due care and attention is a risky manoeuvre that …

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Furygan airbag vest

Furygan airbag vest zips inside jacket

Furygan is the latest company to add an airbag vest that goes inside your jacket and can be easily reset at home after being triggered. Most airbag suits and jackets include the airbag and some airbag vests go over the top, while others go inside. We weren’t sure how an airbag exploding under your jacket in …

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Sygic traffic lights countdown app add-on

Satnav app adds traffic light countdown

A satellite navigation app that has a countdown to how long a traffic light will change has been recognised as a CES 2020 Innovation Awards honoree. The Slovakian Sygic navigation app used by more than 200 million drivers globally has a new and free Traffic Lights countdown add-on. It is only working in the US at …

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Truck wire rope barriers WRBs

Concern over truck flip on wire rope barriers

Concern for the safety of all motorists, including motorcyclists, has been expressed in the wake of a fatal truck flip over wire rope barriers near Melbourne this morning (4 November 2019). The truck hit the wire rope barriers (WRBs) on the Princes Freeway at Werribee South about 3.20am, flipped over and landed on its roof, …

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Macna Freeride 150 jackets

MotoCAP now rates 150 jackets, gloves, pants

MotoCAP has rated six more jackets to reach 150 safety and thermal comfort ratings for jackets, pants and gloves, including only their second women’s jacket. The world’s first safety and comfort ratings system for motorcycle clothing began in August last year. It has now rated 150 items of clothing, including 41 pairs of pants, 47 pairs …

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Hi-vis Vest Victorian Motorcycle Council demerit

Learners cop demerit over hi-vis vests

Learner riders in Victoria will cop one demerit point for not wearing a hi-vis vest from 29 October 2019 under new road rules. The Victorian Motorcycle Council had called to remove mandatory hi-vis vests for learner riders in its 10-page submission to the review of Victorian Road Safety (Driver) Regulations. However, it has been ignored. …

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