Solar panels

Solar panels make guard rails safer

Flexible solar panels placed on top of steel W-beam guardrails in Holland could be the answer to rider concerns about the safety of some barriers. The solar panels create a smooth top on the guard rails, rather than the hazardous posts that stick on most of this type of barrier. They are certainly much safer …

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Motocap Motorcycle clothing rating system launched

Motorcycle clothing rating system launched

The world’s first rating system for motorcycle clothing protection has been launched to give riders a guide to the safety standards of their gear. The Motorcycle Clothing Assessment Program (MotoCAP) website has launched with a short list of products that will be extended as products are tested at Deakin University. So far the jackets section only …

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Barz Optics photochromic, polarised, bifocal sunglasses

Barz Optics motorcycle sunglasses review

Barz Optics make a range of quality sunglasses that are windproof, comfortable enough to wear all day and night and feature an optional bifocal lens. That means you only need one pair of sunglasses for all occasions – on and off the bike! I’ve been testing a pair of photochromic glasses that change tint with …

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A Newbie’s Guide to Responsible Biking

Sponsored post Nothing beats the experience of riding a 400cc motorbike along an open highway. For many people, it’s one of those moments that gives a rush excitement and a feeling of adventure. Indeed, nothing ever comes close to matching the exhilaration you get while biking. Still, for a lot of newcomers to the world …

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Returned 5rider Ed Smith

Returned rider learns valuable riding lesson

Returned riders are those who had got a motorcycle licence as a teenager or twentysomething, then stopped riding while they had a family, returning to riding in a midlife crisis. They now represent the biggest and fastest growing sector of riders as well as dominating the crash statistics. Rather than preaching and quoting statistics, Kiwi …

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Top tips for tight motorbike turns

Top tips for tight motorbike turns

Most riders have dumped a bike at some time in their riding career while trying to do a tight turn. It’s a skill many people never develop or practise, but it can help you become a better and safer motorcyclist. The civilian and police riders competing in the American motorcycle skills competition at the Harley-Davidson …

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Curve signs - Oxley Highway may set safety standard Austroads read Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) Signs

Vehicle sensors read speed signs 

Future motorcycles and other vehicles may have sensors that read roadside speed limit signs and electronically intervene to limit the vehicle’s speed. Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) is already included in some luxury cars and could soon be more widespread as automated cars, buses, trucks and even motorcycles become available. The technology uses sensors which “read” …

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Unsecured load in a ute

Crashed rider seeks secured load law

A Victorian rider who crashed his motorcycle in slippery debris dropped from the unsecured load in the back of a truck is seeking mandatory cargo nets and tarpaulins on all trucks and utes. Rodney Brown says he suffered multiple injures and wrote off his bike when he crashed on Riddells Creek Bridge after hitting a …

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DayGlo Queensland Police witnesses mick road safety week

Police educate riders in Road Safety Week

Riders can win prizes during Road Safety Week in Queensland when Nerang Police conduct a “North Upright” education campaign on the Gold Coast and hinterland next weekend. Sgt Graeme Reeves says the Queensland Police Service have received funds to promote the event with a free raffle. Prizes are a $500 voucher towards a new set …

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Pothole repair program Steve McMllan

Riders warned on pothole repair program

A pothole repair program being carried out throughout NSW, and possibly other states, could be a danger to riders, says the NSW Motorcycle Council president Steve Pearce. His warning follows recent reports from riders of crashes in potholes fixed by a new process that leaves ball-bearing-sized gravel on the surface. So far, the potholes have …

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