20% of timber bridges need fixing

Timber bridges add authenticity to a rural ride, but they can be a particular danger to riders with longitudinal planks, rotting wood and exposed spikes. The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) says one in five of these local timber bridges are in poor condition and there is an extensive backlog of bridges that need fixing. …

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Widow at Bad Roads Rally rally

Rider’s widow urges vote for roads

The widow of a rider killed when he hit wire rope barriers has urged riders to vote in this weekend’s Victorian election for the party that pledges to improve the state’s roads. Jan White was speaking at the Bad Roads Rally in Bendigo at the weekend. Her husband, Phil, died a year ago when his Harley …

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Police seek riders in lane filtering incidents

Police seek riders in lane filtering incidents

ACT police have asked for help to identify two riders who were videoed in separate incidents where a car swerved toward them while they were legally lane-filtering. The incidents occurred on Majura Parkway on Tuesday, October 30. One incident is shown in this video which we published on November 2. Police were made aware of this video …

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Speedo Minder Pro app by Steve Grealy

Speedo Minder app might save your licence

Unlike many speed-alert apps and GPS devices, the new Australian Speedo Minder Pro app alerts riders when they are over the posted speed limit and until they slow down. It also has a lot more adjustment to suit your needs. App developer Steve Grealy, 60, of Adelaide says it took “nearly four years, quite a few …

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Resurfacing Roadworks

’Tis the season for resurfacing roadworks

Riders should be aware that spring and summer is the season for resurfacing roadworks in most southern areas because the warmer weather makes asphalt more stable and easier to compact. NSW alone has more than 175km of road resurfacing scheduled over the next few months. However, asphalt resurfacing occurs all year round in Queensland, north NSW …

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Big Sur Harley-Davidson touring USA America california rules

Top Tips for Every Motorbike Owner

Contributed post for our Northern Hemisphere readers Every individual has their chosen hobby that they invest some of their time in. For some, it could be playing soccer, and for another, it may be a high adrenaline sport such as riding a motorbike. This can be an enjoyable hobby if you like living life on …

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Continental brake assist automated

Move to emergency motorcycle brake assist

German automotive technology company Continental AG plans to be the first with a motorcycle emergency brake-assist system that applies extra brake pressure when it senses a crash. Their system would not be automatic like in some cars that take over braking duties from the driver. Continental recognises that motorcycles are different to cars and say …

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Wire rope barriers promise widow vote

Promise to halt wire rope barriers

A pre-election promise to halt the rollout of wire rope barriers (WRBs) in Victoria falls short of advocating against their use. The promise has been made by the Victorian Liberal Nationals ahead of this month’s State election. They are not advocating against their use. “The Liberal Nationals support properly placed and installed wire rope barriers,” their …

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Victoria Zandonella - Crashes a case of when not if, says veteran rider crashing

Crashing a case of when not if, says veteran rider

Crashing can happen even to veteran motorcyclists, says Victoria Zandonella, an American blogger with and a regular off-road tour group leader. Victoria is obsessive about safety and helping other riders. But she recently suffered major injuries after crashing head-on with a car. She now advises: “It’s not a question of IF, but WHEN”. She says the …

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New Mt Glorious roadworks fail in first rain

New mountain roadworks fail in first rain

Famed motorcycle nirvana Mt Nebo Rd has been upgraded at massive cost to the taxpayer to make it safer only to fail and collapse in the first heavy downpour. What’s worse is that the speed will be permanently reduced to 40km/h even after the road has been improved! Roadworks on Mt Nebo Rd between the …

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