RTR SA lane filtering traffic extends

Lane filtering extends to South Australia

Lane filtering extends to South Australia from April 15, 2017, when the state joins Queensland, NSW, Victoria and the ACT in allowing the road safety practice. It will have similar restrictions as in other states with a 30km/h maximum speed, fully-licensed riders only and banned in school zones, crossings, next to parked vehicles, between vehicles and the kerb and …

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Zona Camera to replace motorcycle mirrors?

Camera to replace motorcycle mirrors?

A new helmet rearview camera system is safer than conventional mirrors, according to four-time World Superbike champion Carl Fogarty. In this video, the world champ says the British Zona camera system means he can concentrate on the road ahead while still keeping an eye on the rear vision via a screen in his periphery vision. …

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How to overtake traffic lane filtering

How to overtake on a motorcycle

One of the great joys and advantages of riding a motorcycle is being able to quickly, efficiently and safely overtake slower vehicles. However, there are right and wrong ways to do it. It would seem like a fairly simple task, but many riders get it wrong from both safety and legal issues. Many riders follow …

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First Aid for Motorcyclists course

First aid course returns to Queensland

The First Aid for Motorcyclists course founders are heading north to Queensland again to run their important courses in several centres from March. Motorbike Writer is a proud sponsor of the course which has toured the country and set up trainers in several centres. The course was put together by Tracy Hughes and partner Roger Fance who are highly qualified …

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Riders enjoying the roads over Mt Tamborine Operation smart course

Crashes prompt road craft courses

A high incidence of motorcycle crashes in the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast areas have prompted the establishment of two road craft courses. While motorcyclists represent about 22% of road fatalities in Australia despite being less than 5% of registered road users, they represent almost half of the road toll in the combined tourist region. The crash statistics …

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Motorbike Writer believes that more riders visible in commuter traffic might encourage motorists to see us and/or leave a gap for filtering. ride to work racq steve spalding

RACQ joins Ride to Work Day

The RACQ is supporting the first annual Ride to Work Day today (March 1, 2017) organised by the Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland. RACQ technical and safety officer Steve Spalding, a Suzuki Bandit owner and frequent motorcycle commuter, says he hopes the ride will alert motorists to the number of riders on the road. “These …

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Slow moving vehicle pull over turnout sign traffic corner

Do motorcycles corner better than cars?

Riders are often held up in corners by drivers, yet on a racetrack a car can corner at a much higher speed than a race bike. Why is it so? First, let’s look at the physics. We recently investigated how a car can brake faster than a motorcycle because it has four tyre contact patches versus …

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Inquest pothole james Hughes Melissa Pearce councils

Councils not required to address potholes

An inquest into the death of a motorcyclist who hit a pothole on a new bridge has issued no findings of fault, nor made recommendations for councils to promptly fix road defects. James Hughes, 50, died when his Ducati 900S hit a massive pothole at the Oallen Ford Bridge near Goulburn in NSW on October …

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