Safe System Solutions road auditing

Riders auditing roads for motorcycle safety

Road conditions play a significant role in motorcycle safety so some state governments and councils are now auditing thousands of kilometres of roads specifically for motorcycle hazards. Queensland, NSW and South Australian transport departments have been using a special award-winning motorcycle for the purpose. Australian road safety consultancy Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd has also audited several thousand …

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Motorcycle parking under siege park

Motorcycle parking bays under siege

Motorcycle parking is under siege from motorists who think they can use our parking bays and even put shopping trolleys in them. It’s rude, it’s lazy and it’s illegal. We have seen this happen on many occasions and social media is heaving with photographs of cars and other vehicles parked in motorcycle parking bays. In …

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Rodney Brown Rider's call for ute tarps rejected bike lanes

Rider’s call for cargo nets rejected

A rider’s call for ute and truck tarps and/or cargo nets, as in Queensland, has been rejected by the Victorian Department of Transport. Longtime motorcycle advocate Rodney Brown (pictured above) says debris from utes and trucks is particularly dangerous to vulnerable motorcycle, scooter and bicycle riders. He should know; he suffered multiple injures and wrote …

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Kids children Don’t ever sit on another rider’s bike Jump Start beginner child age minimum

Minimum rider age limit increased

The minimum rider age for South Australians will be raised by two years with some concessions, but they have dodged a plan for mandatory hi-vis vests as in Victoria. Around the nation it is getting tougher and tougher for young people to get motorcycle licences with Queensland even requiring them to first hold a car …

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New Year resolutions

10 New Year resolutions we’d like to see

Each New Year we make resolutions to do something new, better or at least different for the next year. This year we thought we would do something different for the new decade and compile a wish list of 10 New Year resolutions we would like others to make. We know most of these are just …

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2019 Stories Ducati Scrambler

Your top 10 motorcycle stories of 2019

Stories about helmet safety and legalities, Arlen Ness and Charley Boorman, road rules, crashes, lane filtering and a big-bore kit attracted the most interest from our readers in 2019. With more than 300,000 readers a month, we have a pretty fair idea of what subjects are of interest to our readers. So we have compiled …

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Novelty helmet doubt covers

Are novelty motorcycle helmet covers legal?

Many riders like to get into the holiday spirit by wearing Santa, elf, Elmo or reindeer novelty helmet covers. However, they could be a safety hazard, they may void your insurance and some police say they may be illegal. Safety aspects of novelty covers While novelty helmet covers may be fun and potentially protect your …

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Gopro helmet camera 2015 ban

Are helmet attachments now legal?

More riders can now wear helmet cameras and bluetooth intercom attachments and fit tinted visors after South Australia joined the ACT in formal acknowledgement of 2015 changes to the Australian Road Rules (ARR). That leaves Victoria as the only state where police have an issue with these attachments, although we have not heard of any …

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Viral video

Viral video: Dog rides scooter

Just because it’s Monday and you probably need a bit of a lift, we are reposting this viral video of a dog somewhere in Brazil actually riding a motorcycle. We think it’s the pawfect excuse to paws and smile. It certainly made us laugh as well as make us scratch our heads … They see me …

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Driver free after causing rider death of Luke Harris

Driver free after causing rider death

A driver who caused the death of a rider has walked free from court over a technicality that allows motorists to dangerously pull over on the side of multi-lane highways and motorways. Burpengary rider Luke Harris, aged just 25, died on 28 December 2017 in a crash caused by a ute pulling out in front …

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