Resurfacing Roadworks midweek warriors regional

Call for longer roadworks warranty

New roads and roadworks in Australia are falling into disrepair too soon while short warranty periods are allowing contractors to avoid fixing their mistakes. Australia has “defects liability periods” (DLP) from as little as three months to seven years, but mainly around two years. This follows a move in Britain to hold road contractors to …

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Bad Roads Rally roadworks potholes Victoria report

Riders urged to support Bad Roads Rally

Riders have been urged to support a Bad Roads Rally to the Victorian Parliament next Tuesday (May 8, 2018) to protest against the “dangerous neglect” of the state’s roads and the widespread use of expensive and “dangerous” wire rope barriers (WRB). Rally organisers, the Independent Riders’ Group (IRG), have asked riders and other motorists to …

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Potholes Victoria Melton conditions country poor road repair notes

Flare app notes bad road surfaces

An app that notes potholes and other road dangers to alert other riders and the local authorities could be extended from UK cyclists to motorcycle riders around the world. Many riders complain to their mates about potholes, “tar snakes”, lateral cracks, bumps and other poor road maintenance, but few do much about alerting councils and …

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Pothole big as a football potholes

Poor road repair under spotlight

Solutions to the poor state of road repair are being sought as riders and authorities across the nation grapple with the important safety issue. In NSW, the Roads and Maritime Services is calling on industry partners, innovators and developers to pitch innovative solutions for road maintenance. In Victoria, the Independent Riders Group is staging a …

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Mt Tamborine Goat Track crashes

Dangerous roadworks repair win

Dangerous roadworks with a mass of slippery “tar snakes” or liquid tar crack sealant have now been repaired and warning signs installed in a win for motorcycle riders. It’s too late for the three motorcyclists and one cyclist who crashed on the dodgy roadworks on Mt Tamborine Rd, but a win for all the other recreational …

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