Confrontation leads to motorcycle crash

A motorcycle rider has ended up rear-ending a vehicle that brake-checked him after they had a confrontation recently on Melbourne’s Western Ring Road. This video posted on Dashcam Owners Australia shows that the rider has taken offence to something done by the P-plate driver of the BMW. Perhaps they were tailgating him – one of our pet …

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menace ACT police are seeking to charge this driver with road rage on legally filtering riders mencaing appeal rejected

Driver gets ‘slap’ for swerving at riders

A Canberra motorist facing possible jail time for swerving his car at two lane-filtering motorcyclists has got off with a relative slap on the wrist. The driver, Jake Searle, 28, had been charged with to counts of driving with intent to menace and faced maximum penalties of more than $3000 in fines or 12 months in jail or …

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Ute road rage

Ute and rider in road rage incident

A motorcycle rider threading his way through a busy Brisbane roundabout has ended up in a road rage incident with an irate ute driver. The incident occurred in Capalaba, Brisbane, in April last year but has only just been posted on AusCam – Australian Dashcam and CCTV Footage. 30-04-2018 Capalaba Road Rage I've combined the two …

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Road rage doesn’t pay

Rider road rage doesn’t pay

We all get annoyed and frustrated by drivers doing the wrong thing, but it doesn’t pay to loose your cool like this Malaysian rider did. Danial Abdullah Tan, 31, says the female driver of the car tailgated him, blew her horn and almost crashed into him twice before overtaking him. So he passed the driver, …

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roadside lane filter filtering ad sign billboard

Call for roadside lane filtering signs

Roadside signs, advertising billboards or electronic mobile signs on busy commuter routes advising motorists that lane filtering is legal would be an effective education campaign for motorists, say rider representatives. Many riders tell us there is a lack of public education that lane filtering is now legal, sparking road rage toward motorcyclists. So we contacted …

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Cop-on-Phone honking

Rider abused for honking cop on phone

This video shows a rider honking his horn at a driver in front at a roundabout because he was on the phone and not moving. It turns out to be a Denver cop who then unloads abuse on rider Devin Jones and threatens to fine him for road rage. Fault So who is at fault here? Both! …

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road rage tailgate tailgating rear-ender motorcycles BMW S 1000 RR lane filtering lane splitting gap

Road rage against motorcyclists ‘on rise’

The father of a young rider who was rammed from behind by a driver who had previously tried to block him from legally lane filtering says road rage against riders is on the rise. Daniel Lee of Brisbane says his 23-year-old son, Lucas, was “rammed up the butt” by the driver who had “earlier and …

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When will drivers learn lane filtering is legal? assist stalled

Lane filtering road rage charges stalled

Charges against a driver who is shown in a video and photograph to swerve toward legally lane-filtering riders have stalled because the riders have not come forward with evidence. ACT police have confirmed they are still investigating the October incident and hope to charge the driver. However, a spokesperson told us that the driver could easily …

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helping riders seeking justice

MBW helping riders seeking justice

The three most popular articles this year have been about riders successfully obtaining justice either in beating incorrect fines or, in once case, getting a driver fined for road rage. In all cases we are happy to say that Motorbike Writer has played a role. Lane filter justice The most popular article was the end result …

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Police seek riders in lane filtering incidents call charges

Police renew call to identify riders

ACT police have renewed their call for help to identify two riders who were videoed in separate incidents where a car swerved toward them while they were legally lane-filtering. The incidents occurred on Majura Parkway on Tuesday, October 30. One incident is shown in this video which we published on November 2. Police were made aware of …

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