night riding tips

Tips for Staying Safe While Riding at Night

(Sponsored post) Going on a night ride can be a calming and exhilarating experience for any motorcycle enthusiast. The absence of traffic and more quiet surroundings are just some of the reasons why riding at night is worthwhile. But apart from quiet and open streets, bikers still face considerable risks as the streets go darker …

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TrainAidInc (UK) founder Judy Richter first aid

First Aid course sets 2016 dates

The must-do First Aid for Motorcyclists has announced its schedule of courses around Australia for 2016, along with a partnership with a similar British course. You can see all the dates here. The four-hour courses cost $78 and their schedule includes nine courses each in Victoria and Queensland, five in NSW/ACT, four each in WA …

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Austroads crash report on rear-enders first aid licence checks

How to help at a motorcycle crash scene

Even if you have no first-aid skills, there are several things you can do at a motorcycle crash scene to ensure no one else is hurt and the casualty has the best chance of surviving. First Aid for Motorcyclists instructors Tracy Hughes and partner Roger Fance, who have established their speciality course around the nation, say the …

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Rider gear

Motorcycle rider armour ‘fishy’

Your next motorcycle jacket could be fitted with lightweight rider armour designed like fish scales. A team of Boston University engineering researchers believe fish, snake and even butterfly scales hold the key to creating strong and lightweight armour. While there is no talk yet of including the armour in motorcycle gear, it would be ideally …

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Road Crash target fixation minor

Young riders needed for road crash study

Older riders may be showing up more in motorcycle road crash statistics, but that’s because there are more of them. Now a road crash study is seeking out the views of young riders aged 18-30 to help them complete a study into motorcycle road crashes. The Motorcycle In-Depth Crash Study has been researching motorcycle road …

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