First Aid for Motorcyclists course safety contract

Do hospital staff discriminate against riders?

Do hospital staff have a prejudice against motorcycle riders because they are seen as careless risk-takers clogging up the health system and does it affect their level of care? It’s a question worth asking, according to a university professor and a motorcycle clothing supplier. Deakin University’s Dr Chris Hurren, who has been developing new industry …

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Bikes at Grey Gum Cafe

Cafe crash chaos spurs first-aid offer

The chaotic situation after a motorcycle crash outside Grey Gum Cafe on the famed Putty Road last weekend has inspired the cafe owner to offer free First Aid for Motorcyclists (FAFM) courses. Owner Kim Grace describes the accident scene as “horrifying” with one rider even offering the crash victim a beer. She now plans to …

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Could self-cancelling indicators prevent T-bone crashes? safety contract turning

Why you should do a first aid course

Even trained medical staff should do the First Aid for Motorcyclists course because motorcycle accidents are different to other emergency situations. CLICK HERE TO BOOK The course is currently touring Australian capital cities and major regional centres to build awareness around what to do at a motorcycle accident scene through this specialised training for riders. …

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