Five Fall Motorcycle Safety Tips

(Fall Motorcycle Tips is a sponsored post for our North American readers) Before a long winter, many motorcyclist enthusiasts are excited to break out their bikes and begin riding before adverse weather gets in the way. As more and more riders hit the road, it is important to gear up for everything the autumn riding …

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Pillion Jennifer St. Clair

Pillion falls off bike and is run over

Florida woman Jennifer St Clair, 33, was killed when she was run over by several cars after she fell off a motorcycle pillion seat on her first date with the rider. Florida Highway Patrol are not sure of the details of the incident last weekend and are calling for witnesses. The rider has been identified …

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Warm winter motorcycles handlebar slump

Tips to Keep You Safe and Warm this Winter

(Contributed post for our North American readers) With the winter season fast approaching, it’s only practical that we make the necessary preparations for the onset of snowfall and slippery roads. While the white flakes are a joy to have, in excess they can be really harmful to motorists, especially those who prefer motorcycles to cars. …

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Macna wet and dry cooling

Macna wet and dry cooling vests for summer

European motorcycle clothing brand Macna will add a dry cooling vest to their range next month in plenty of time for the coming hot summer months of riding. Macna Australia spokesman Ron Grant of Link International says the dry vest will arrive in late September at $249.95 to join  their current Macna wet vest at $159.95. …

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CFMoto 250NK confidence

Building confidence on two wheels

Building confidence on two wheels: Riding a motorbike on a warm summer day is one of the greatest thrills a person can experience. With the wind rushing over you, your heart pounding in your chest, and the beast purring beneath you, it will feel like anything is possible. Of course, though, most people won’t be …

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Venture Heat

Venture Heat warms your winter ride

Unless there is black ice on the road, cold weather is really no impediment to winter riding when you have Venture Heat powered riding gear. Their range includes jacket and vest liners, gloves, pants liners and even inner soles which you can connect to your bike’s battery to keep you warm. Venture Heat sent us their …

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Decreasing radius corners

How to handle a decreasing radius corner

It’s one of those heart-in-the-mouth moments when the corner suddenly tightens up and you’re running out of cornering clearance and room to complete the turn. We’ve all had that moment. In the best-case scenario, we get a fright. In the worst-case scenario it can lead to running off the road, into oncoming traffic or low-siding the …

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roadkill cattle

Murphy’s Law of adventure motorcycling

If you haven’t seen Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman riding across the world on their big adventure bikes and wanted to do the same, then where is your pulse? Adventure riding is exactly that – an adventure. And that means things are going to go wrong. Otherwise, there would be no adventure and therefore no …

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