Top 10 tips for short motorcyclists low

Top 10 tips for short motorcyclists

Short riders have always been disadvantaged by the fact that bikes are designed for tall riders, although that has changed in recent years. Brands such as Harley-Davidson, BMW, Ducati, Triumph and others are now making models that have lower seat heights or are offering optional low seats for short riders. Click here for a full …

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2017 Kawasaki Z1000R convenient simple

The simple keys to riding faster

One of the simple questions many novice and advanced riders ask is how they can ride faster. The answer can be just as simple. However, the question can be a little vague. Does the rider want to get to their destination quicker, do they want to reduce their lap time at a track, do they …

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10 tips to riding safe and warm in winter

There is no doubt that a warm rider is far safer than one who is frozen solid in the winter chill. Being too cold can lead to shivering, exhaustion, confusion, memory loss, slurred speech, drowsiness, low energy, slow reaction times, and stiff and sore joints. None of these is advisable for a rider to stay …

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tolls motorway motorcycle tolls

What is the best lane position?

The answer to what is the best position within a lane for motorcycle riders is not simple. Most instructors tell novice motorcyclists to ride in the driver’s side wheel track so they can be seen and where the tyres clean the road of oil, gravel and rainwater. That’s the simple answer and one that most people …

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Tank Slapper death speed wobble

How to avoid a tank slapper or speed wobble

A tank slapper is when the handlebars wildly oscillate. They are also called speed wobbles or death wobbles and, as the latter name implies, they can be lethal. They are usually developed at high speed like in these two videos. It’s a good reason to always wear proper motorcycle protective gear. According to racing engineer Jeromy …

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Fingers wresting on the brake lever and around the throttle

Do you cover your motorcycle brakes?

If you are riding in a situation of concern, do you cover your brakes – that is, do you hold your hand and foot over the brake levers? There are arguments for and against covering your brakes. In any reference in this article to covering your front brake, we are talking about only using one …

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How to park your motorcycle

How to correctly park your motorcycle

There is nothing more unruly than a bunch of motorcyclists who park their bikes at different angles outside a cafe or pub. It’s a good indication that the riders are novices. Angle-parking a motorcycle seems to be one of those simple procedures that many riders get wrong. You’ve probably seen a bunch of riders pull up …

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