Fingers wresting on the brake lever and around the throttle

Do you cover your motorcycle brakes?

If you are riding in a situation of concern, do you cover your brakes – that is, do you hold your hand and foot over the brake levers? There are arguments for and against covering your brakes. In any reference in this article to covering your front brake, we are talking about only using one …

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How to park your motorcycle

How to correctly park your motorcycle

There is nothing more unruly than a bunch of motorcyclists who park their bikes at different angles outside a cafe or pub. It’s a good indication that the riders are novices. Angle-parking a motorcycle seems to be one of those simple procedures that many riders get wrong. You’ve probably seen a bunch of riders pull up …

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How to survive riding through roadworks

No matter where you travel, Iit is inevitable that you will come to roadworks where there is some gravel, which could be dangerous for road bikes. While the construction crew should provide a safe alternate route for ALL road users, including motorcycles, this isn’t always the case. I’ve had to ride sports bikes through loose …

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Lane position automated vehicles tailgater blowout

What is the best lane position?

The answer to what is the best lane position for motorcycle riders is not simple. Most instructors tell novice motorcyclists to ride in the driver’s side wheel track so they can be seen and where the tyres clean the road of oil, gravel and rainwater. That’s the simple answer and one that most people use to …

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Use your footpegs all the time in motion

Riders should keep their feet on the footpegs whenever their bike is moving to retain control, balance and to use the rear brake for slow manoeuvres. Until recently, riders were banned from taking their feet off the footpegs in a badly written piece of legislation designed to stop people from hooning and performing stunts on motorcycles. …

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Riding solo

Top 10 reasons for riding solo

Any excuse is good enough for a ride – whether it’s with the pillion-in-a-million, a couple of friends, a dozen club members, a hundred shop riders, or a thousand toy runners – yet solo riding is our favourite. There are many reason why we love riding solo. But here are our top 10: Zen: It’s a …

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