MRAQ Rider representative group closes down

Rider representation ends as group closes down

Queensland riders now have no official representation to government after the Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland has officially closed. The motion to close was passed at a special meeting of five members on Wednesday night (15 January 2020). The reason was given as a lack of members seeking election to the executive. There is now no …

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sliding seat slides

Motorcycle seat slides with the rider

Imagine a seat that slides with the riders when they move sideways out of their seat for corners or forward and back for aerodynamic effect. Now Finnish engineering company Etteplan has received a patent for a seat that slides sideways and forward and back with the rider. The seat has been tested by disabled Finnish racer …

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crash Accident motorcycle road safety approved ratings killer wearing compensation

Crashed riders miss out on compensation

Riders injured in single-vehicle, no-fault crashes may be failing to make compensation claims for fear of facing negligent riding charges, Motorcycle Council of NSW Chairman Steve Pearce says. NSW has moved to a no-fault system for CTP compensation which was expected to lead to an increase in compensation claims. However, the State Insurance Regulatory Authority …

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Riderbuds earphones

RiderBuds smallest earphones for riders

RiderBuds earphones claim to be the smallest, softest, toughest, quietest and most secure earphones for riders that won’t come out when you put your helmet on or take it off. (UPDATE March 2020: This product has only just started deliveries almost a year past its deadline. We have contacted Indiegogo for comment.) Founder Maurice Dziubinski …

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Scorpion hoverbikes flying

Hoverbikes now available for public use

Riders may one day take to the skies on hoverbikes now that the first commercial model is available to the public. However, it would set you back $US150,000 (about $A212,500), which is nearly twice the price of the MV Agusta limited-edition Claudio F4. Russian startup Hoversurf became the first to produce a commercially available model …

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Rich and Rosanne Gressett short pillion hack

Great hack for short pillion riders

If you’re so short you or your partner can’t reach the pillion pegs, Alaskan riders Rich and Rosanne Gressett have a great motorcycle hack for you. Back in Alaska, they have modified the rear pillion floorboards on their Harley tourer with a bracket that makes them higher to accommodate “pocket rocket” Rosanne’s 152.4cm (5’) stature. …

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Top 10 tips for short motorcyclists low

Low motorcycle seats should be free

Several motorcycle manufacturers now recognise that shorter riders are not being catered for by bikes with tall seats, so they are offering low seat options. However, these are usually not free. You have to buy the bike with the original tall seat then buy the short seat option sometimes costing as much as $600, depending …

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Harley-Davidson takeover lovers

Are you a devoted or unfaithful bike lover?

Some riders are devoted to one bike or one brand for life, while others are simply the most unfaithful motorcycle lover. Which are you? I’ve been to many rallies where riders wear their brand on their jackets, helmets and clothing and are devoted to their brand or model for life. HOGs (pictured at the top …

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stupid wheelie advertising

Ten stupid things motorcycle riders do

Riders are a tough and determined bunch, but we’re also a little bit stupid at times. Put your hand up if you’ve done any of the following 10 stupid things “other” motorcyclists do. 1 Take the long way home Who’s finished work a little early one day and ridden home via all the mountain roads …

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Single Lovers of Motorcycles Australia Wide love

Love and motorcycles go together

One group proving that love and motorcycles go together is the Single Lovers of Motorcycles Australia Wide (SLOMAW). The closed Facebook group started in February 2014 with the profile of “Revlove Yew Shone” which is a variation of “revolution” and a reaction to the Queensland anti-bikie laws. It was created by Queenslander Susan Henderson to allow single people who …

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