Learn crash video

Learn from motorway ramp crash video

We can all learn something from this video from a Canadian truck’s dash cam that captures the moment a rider hits a freeway barrier and flies over the side of the off-ramp. It happened in Montreal last week and the unlicensed rider suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries. The male rider is lucky to be alive …

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Aussie knowhow helps Thai riders stay safe Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd learn learner novice training licensed licensing

5 Things to Know Before Learning to Ride a Motorcycle

(Contributed post for North American learner riders) There are dozens of benefits to learning to ride a motorcycle. These vehicles are more cost-effective than a car, they get better gas mileage, they’re easy to park, and they’re just plain cool! Not to mention the fact that it’s absolutely thrilling to ride in the open air …

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Learn learner novice Ride to Review submission trainers

Are motorcycle licence trainers up to the job?

Since novice motorcyclists have one of the high rates of fatal crashes, have you ever wondered if rider trainers are teaching the right methods? Last year, the UK struck off 100 motorcycle licence trainers and 18 training companies for a range of offences including granting licences without any training. Other non-compliance issues were having too …

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License learner LAMS

Riding course free for returned riders

Returned and mature-aged riders are invited to attend a free Back on Your Bike riding course based in Newcastle. The course on Friday 14 February 2020 is the idea of local rider Chris Tola who ran a similar course in 2015 which was a finalist in the National ACSR Road Safety Awards. Last year Chris …

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Hazard perception test

Can you pass this simple bike perception test?

A world-first online motorcycle-specific hazard perception test has identified a scenario where a SMIDSY crash was partially the rider’s fault. The Western Australian Department of Transport (DoT) adopted the computer video tests developed by Austroads last year as part of the assessment process for obtaining a motorcycle licence. In that time, almost 2000 riders have …

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Regrets Mexico travel

Riding regrets – I’ve had a few!

There are very few regrets about my 40-odd years of motorcycling, but there are a few that are worth mentioning. I’ve listed just five. How many do you have? 1 Earplug regrets My biggest regret is not wearing earplugs. Wind noise can be over 100dB at highway speeds and after just 15 minutes it can …

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2014 Yamaha SR400 returned riders motorcycles

Important safety tips for returned riders

Returned riders who have had several years off the motorcycle for various reasons, may be over-represented in the crash statistics, but that is no reason not to ride. (Above photo used for humour reasons only!) Some say the statistics are a furphy, while others (such as Professor Narelle Haworth of the QUT Centre for Accident …

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ABS VicRoads Always On safety campaign and quiz brakes

Take the online motorcycle safety quiz

A new motorcycle “Always On” safety campaign featuring an online 10-question quiz and video has just been launched by VicRoads but has already attracted some criticism. Click here to take the test and tell us how you went! Quiz quizzed Most motorcycle representatives we spoke to are pleased there is a campaign about motorcycle safety. …

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Lessons Harley-Davidson Riding Academy uni course

Riding lessons now a uni course

How would you like to earn credit points toward your degree by learning to ride a motorcycle in a special uni course! It sounds like a dream come true and a great way to encourage millennials to ride. Unfortunately, it is so far only available at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It’s yet another smart marketing …

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Passing lanes gap look overtaking rider skills

Are you leaving enough gap in front?

Many riders are taught to leave a two or three-second gap between their bike and the vehicle they are a following as a safety buffer. But is it really enough? Is there such a thing as leaving too much space? How to judge gap We are taught to use a visible roadside reference to determine our …

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