Ricondi recommends tight leathers Andrew Smart

Get free stuff at Ricondi store opening

Riders will get discounts and free stuff at the official opening tomorrow (December 9, 2017) of Brisbane-based Ricondi Motorcycle Apparel. Founder Andrew Smart started the company a few years ago making and set up in a small room above a motorcycle mechanic, but has now moved to a big shop at 532 Seventeen Mile Rocks …

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Ricondi recommends firm leathers Andrew Smart

Ricondi recommends firm fit leathers

Riders should buy leathers that are a firm fit so they won’t flap around, but with stretch panels for comfort and movement says Ricondi Motorcycle Apparel founder Andrew Smart. He says most riders buy leathers that are loose for comfort. However, when I visited his new shop at 532 Seventeen Mile Rocks Rd, Brisbane, to borrow …

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Ricondi all-weather riding suit review

Every rider should have a good all-weather riding suit in their cupboard. Just because it’s raining outside (like it is here in the “Sunshine State” today!) doesn’t mean you have to sit inside and play Candy Crush. Brisbane motorcycle apparel designer Ricondi has an excellent all-weather suit that I have been trialling recently in this …

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Ricondi motorcycle leathers race the world

Motorcycle leathers: Race fans around the world are witnessing quality Australian cow and roo hides in action this year. Brisbane-based motorcycle apparel designer Andrew Smart has added some top names of motorsport to his “Ricondi” clients for 2013. Wearing Ricondi brand leathers with the “Ricondi Ric” koala emblem in 2013 are Mitchell Carr in World …

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