Sikh Motorcycle Club rides for charity turban

Sikh riders seek religious freedom

Sikhs are seeking an exemption from wearing motorcycle helmets on up to 500cc bikes on local 50/60km/h streets through a submission to the Religious Discrimination Bill. It comes five years after a Coffs Harbour Sikh group unsuccessfully sought a similar exemption. Amar Singh, 38, of Turbans 4 Australia is preparing the submission to Parliament in consultation …

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Motorbikes know no boundaries

Motorbikes know no boundaries (rant)

One of the greatest things about motorbikes is that they know no religion, race, sexual preference, politics or other hateful boundaries. Motorbikes are about freedom, not boundaries. I come from an era of Easy Rider, free love, John Lennon’s Imagine, The Female Eunuch and freedom of expression. The motorbike was my symbol of peace, love, …

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Bikers 4 Christ religion

Bikers take religion for a ride

For some, motorcycling is a religion and for others it seems motorcycles and religion are intrinsically linked. There are many motorcycle clubs and groups around the world with religious links and one such group is the Bikers 4 Christ who were formed by Dave Horan, Ross Crouch and a few others in South East Queensland …

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Sikh Baljinder Badesha rides without a helmet turban

Should Sikhs wear motorcycle helmets?

What is more important: Religious belief or safety? The issue has been around for a while and has recently resurfaced in Canada. WATCH SIKH TIE TURBAN WHILE RIDING Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has ruled against turban-wearing Sikhs being exempt from wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle saying that safety is the utmost priority. It …

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