Honda helmet radar monitors for rear ender

Honda helmet radar monitors your rear

Honda has been busy recently applying for patents for a range of out-there inventions including this helmet that integrates with the bike and monitors for of an impending rear-ender. The helmet features a rear-facing camera that monitors traffic behind the rider. This information is sent to a processing unit which detects a fast-approaching vehicle and sends …

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Kawasaki patents radar assisted safety system

Kawasaki puts safety tech on radar

Kawasaki is the latest manufacturer to indicate they will add radar systems to their bikes to detect imminent collisions and either warn riders or intervene with automatic braking. The Japanese manufacturer has filed patents for their system which uses front and rear radars and controls the brakes and throttle. Kawasaki’s patent drawings of what looks …

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Bosch radar warns riders of traffic autonomous 5g

Bosch radar warns riders of traffic

South Australian company Cohda Wireless has partnered with Ducati and Bosch to develop radar technology that warns riders of nearby traffic before they can see it. The technology uses public WLAN standard (ITS G5) and was initially developed for use in driverless cars. Cohda Wireless technology has been trialled on the closed Southern Expressway on …

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Scotland introduces 1mph speeding tolerance demons

Scotland plans 1mph speed tolerance

Scotland is one of the greatest countries in the world to ride a motorcycle, but that is expected to change from March when the country introduces a 1mph speed tolerance. Scotland will then join Australia in an flawed “nanny state” clampdown on accidental speeders for the sins of the few high-speed offenders. Several states in …

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LIDAR Low speed threshold a danger hidden demons lidar

Radar detects texting drivers

Motorcycle riders will cheer loudly if police introduce radar that detects texting drivers – but don’t expect it to replace the ubiquitous speed camera cash cow. A company in Virginia, USA, is working on a device that detects texting radio signals sent from a mobile phone which are different from the signals when akin a …

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LIDAR radar speed gun

A lesson in speeding fines

A friend of mine recently got a rude shock when he opened a Queensland Government stamped envelope. I’ll let him tell the story: “I pulled out an ultimatum from the Department of Transport and Main Roads that read “you have accumulated 12 demerit points against your traffic history through traffic offences committed during a continuous …

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