Driver training car motorcycles awareness

Why the resistance to driver training?

Despite motorcycle riders calling for more driver training and awareness of riders, authorities continue to resist for a variety of reasons. Riders believe better trained drivers would be more aware of them and rules such as lane filtering, making their ride safer. However, politicians and authorities usually reject driver training as being expensive, promoting hooning …

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Concern over motorbike hit-run crashes collision injured

Show of concern for rider safety

Riders have been called to show their support and concern for their safety today (27 May 2019) ahead of a major Victorian Road Trauma Summit next Friday. Melbourne riders are asked to gather outside the ABC studios at 120 Southbank Boulevard tomorrow from 9-10.30am during a radio forum on safety that previews the government’s summit. …

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Indian Roadmaster Classic on the Oxley highway

Motorcycle crash statistics flawed

Motorcycle crash statistics cited to reduce speed on the Oxley Highway are flawed, leaving riders wondering how many other  crash statistics are also flawed. NSW Roads Minister Melinda Pavey this week announced that speed on 44km of the highway’s mountain section would be reduced from 100km/h to 80km/h from December 13, 2017. It follows a …

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Triumph Scrambler out of fuel breakdown

How to avoid a motorbike breakdown

While modern motorcycles are much more reliable than they used to be, you can still be inconvenienced by a breakdown. And when you have a motorcycle breakdown, it is not always easy to get back on the road. In a car, you can carry emergency gear that can get you going again. However, not all …

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James Bond bike at Motorclassica

James Bond movies are usually associated with exotic cars, but motorcycles have also featured. Victoria’s Motorclassica will showcase one of each in the Royal Exhibition Building from October 25-27. Bond’s 1969 Aston Martin DBS Vantage from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and his 1997 BMW R1200C motorcycle from Tomorrow Never Dies will be a preview …

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