Bico Keyklipz platinum keyrings

Win a keyring in our motorbike quiz

We would like to reward our smartest readers with prizes in our weekly Motorbike Writer trivia quiz and we start this week with a Bico Bikeklipz motorcycle keyring. Keyklipz keyrings are designed and made in Australia and cost $49.95 for the darker stone tumbled finish and $55 for a lighter hand-brushed finish.  Shop for Keyclipz To win, …

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KEEP CALM trivia quiz Harley-Davidson

Test your motorbike trivia in our quick quiz

Keep calm and try our Motorbike Writer trivia quiz to see if you can score 10 out of 10. As you answer each question, the right answer will be highlighted with green and the wrong answer in red. We trust you not to use Google, Wikipedia or to phone a friend. When you’re finished, share your results …

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2016 Triumph Bonneville family recalled over fire risk assault

Motorcycle trivia quiz from the whiz

Our Motorbike Writer trivia whiz has so far proven to be 100% accurate and continues to provide some brain-teasing questions for our weekly quiz. This week you will need to know about Triumph’s new owner, helmets, leather and patch gangs to score well. We trust you not to use Google, Wikipedia or to phone a friend. …

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Christmas trivia quiz excuses

Christmas true/false motorcycle quiz

Our motorcycle trivia quizzes have become popular, even though they can be quite difficult, so for Christmas we are gifting to you a motorcycle quiz where luck can play a part in your success. If you don’t know the true-or-false answer to the question, you can guess and your chances are 50-50. We trust you …

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Matt McKeown (Plymouth) on his jet powered shopping trolley set an unofficial world record of 61.18mph (photo Steve McDonald) wheelie

How’s your motorcycle knowledge?

Welcome to the third Motorbike Writer motorcycle knowledge trivia quiz. How did you go in the last two quizzes? If you haven’t done them yet, scroll down to the end of this story and you will find the other quizzes under the “Stories You May Also Like” heading. If you’ve been reading religiously since its birth …

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Take our fun motorcycle trivia quiz

This is our second weekly motorcycle trivia quiz with questions about Tom Cruise, Royal Enfield, Wayne Gardner, Harley dealerships, Indian Motorcycle and more. If you’ve been reading religiously since its birth in 2013 and know your motorcycle trivia, then the 10 questions should be a breeze.  Hopefully it will pass some time if you’re stuck inside …

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Easy Rider

Test your motorcycle knowledge

So you’ve been riding since Easy Rider was in the cinemas and you think you have good motorcycle knowledge. Or maybe you’re new to motorcycling, but have been reading religiously since its birth in 2013.  Well, now is the time to put your hard-won motorcycle knowledge to the test. Try this quick 10-question quiz …

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