DayGlo Queensland Police witnesses

Witnesses sought for car hitting Harley

Witnesses are being sought after a 2004 blue Honda Accord sedan merged into a lane with a 2012 blue Harley-Davidson causing it to crash on the Logan Motorway at Springwood last Wednesday (November 7, 2018). Forensic Crash Unit investigators have released this video as part of an appeal for information. The crash happened about 4.50pm …

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DayGlo Queensland Police witnesses mick road safety week

Police educate riders in Road Safety Week

Riders can win prizes during Road Safety Week in Queensland when Nerang Police conduct a “North Upright” education campaign on the Gold Coast and hinterland next weekend. Sgt Graeme Reeves says the Queensland Police Service have received funds to promote the event with a free raffle. Prizes are a $500 voucher towards a new set …

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Robbed Kawasaki

Rider robbed of his motorcycle at gun point

Queensland Police are calling for information about an incident in which a rider was robbed of his Kawasaki Ninja 250R by two men armed with a shotgun at 2am today in Crestmead, south of Brisbane. The rider had pulled over to check map directions on his mobile phone when he was approached by two unknown men …

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Bike Torque TV

Police preach Mick Doohan’s ‘Sixth Sense’ theories

Queensland Police will this morning (21 July, 2018) preach the road-craft theories of five-time world motorcycle champion Mick Doohan which he calls “riders’ sixth sense”. His theories are presented in a 2016 series of Queensland Government videos teaching riders to recognise and exercise their sixth sense when riding. The sixth sense is the instinct motorcycle …

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Loud Pipes exhausts mufflers blitz

Motorcycle exhaust blitz expected soon

Another Queensland Police and Transport and Main Roads (TMR) blitz on motorcycles is expected in the next couple of weeks, particularly concentrating on noisy exhausts. As part of Operation Grenadine on April 28/29, Queensland Police issued 16 vehicle defect notices and TMR officers issued six defect notices. TMR could not provide a breakdown of the …

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DayGlo Queensland Police witnesses unfair

Police ‘safety campaign’ unfair to riders

A ministerial directive for police to target motorcyclists because of “alarming” crash statistics, is misleading to the public and unfair to riders, according to the Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland. Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan says riders are over-represented in crashes and police say they will actively “engage” riders. However, this is yet another example …

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Police Harassment in charity ride Hells Angels assault charge

Cop ‘harassment cost charities’, says UMCQ

Alleged NSW and Queensland police harassment of a motorcycle club charity ride on Saturday (March 3, 2018) cost thousands in lost revenue for various charities and businesses, says the ride organiser. Hells Angels MC Brisbane Chapter member Jeff Ehler says he has a long list of police harassment claims. They include: Riders were intimidated before …

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Mt Mee downhill

Police defend covert downhill speed cameras

Police have defended their use of a covert Trucam mobile speed camera unit at the bottom of a 7.9km downhill section of the rider-popular Mt Mee Rd, northwest of Brisbane. This follows a call earlier this month from the Queensland Police Union for an immediate end to the use of unmarked and covert speed cameras, …

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Victoria Solo Unit motorcycle police uniforms

Motorcycle police ramp up riding gear

Gone are the days when motorcycle police rode around in jodhpurs and a leather jacket with no protectors. International Workplace, Health and Safety standards now require police to have certified safety riding gear. Most seem to be complying in a more responsible example to all riders. Queensland Police last week unveiled their new DayGlo yellow …

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DayGlo Queensland Police witnesses unfair

Witnesses sought for rider attack

A motorcycle rider has allegedly been attacked by a driver with a plank of wood and police are now seeking eye witnesses to the incident. A 55-year-old man has been arrested and charged with one count each of going armed to cause fear and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. He is expected to appear …

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