Ducati Scrambler 1100 vibration

Bike vibration may benefit health

Riding motorcycles has several proven mental and physical health benefits for riders and now we find the vibration of your motorcycle could also be beneficial to fighting mental illnesses. Previously, medical research has found that riding can improve brain power, reduce stress, develop your core muscles and sharpen your focus. Now, research by Dr Lee …

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Mercedes and MV Agusta corner reckless

Reckless motorists ‘drawn to luxury brands’

If you have ever been carved up by a luxury car or motorcycle, it is likely the reckless driver or rider was an objectionable, “self-centred man”, according to new Finnish research. University of Helsinki social psychology professor Jan-Erik Lönnqvis studied 1892 Finnish drivers, but tells us the research would also apply to motorcyclists. His research …

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Joe Dunn Psychs on Bikes for mentsal health stress

Riding sharpens focus, relieves stress

We probably didn’t need a scientific study to tell us motorcycle riding reduces stress and distraction, while increasing our focus and attention. There have been plenty of independent studies over the years that show similar correlations. Now Harley-Davidson has funded a new neurobiological study by three researchers from UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human …

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Book Why WE Ride author Mark H. Barnes

Book explains why we ride

If you ever needed any motivation to ride or reasons to counter critics who say you have a death wish, this book on why we ride is a must. We all recognise that we love riding and can come up with several things we love about it, but do we really know the deep psychological …

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Does music make you a safer rider? bluetooth asleep

Does music make you a safer rider?

Bluetooth helmet systems now allow riders on any type of motorcycle to listen to music while they ride, but are they safer or more distracted? Some riders say it helps them concentrate and quells the boredom of long spells in the saddle. Others say it causes a distraction. And then there are motorbike traditionalists who …

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Thunderstruck music KTM 1050 Adventure

Music can leave riders Thunderstruck

Playing AC/DC’s Thunderstruck while riding may be dangerous to some motorcyclists, according to psychologist and rider Sharon Ledger. In a previous article Sharon outlined how music can have good and bad effects on different riders. Read the article here. Even if you are the type of rider who benefits from music, the type of music …

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Harley-Davidson takeover lovers

Are you a devoted or unfaithful bike lover?

Some riders are devoted to one bike or one brand for life, while others are simply the most unfaithful motorcycle lover. Which are you? I’ve been to many rallies where riders wear their brand on their jackets, helmets and clothing and are devoted to their brand or model for life. HOGs (pictured at the top …

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Sharon Ledger considers her purchase buyer's remorse music

How to deal with bike buyer’s remorse

It seems strange that anyone who buys a motorbike could possibly regret it, but many do feel “buyer’s remorse” that they have bought the wrong bike or got the wrong deal. Motoring industry experts say it is one of the biggest problems in keeping customer loyalty. That’s why some motorcycle companies spend a lot of …

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