Psychs on bikes RNs Jury & Lowe to Quilpie QLD

Psychs on Bikes Big Ride for mental health

Psychologists and psychiatrists are mounting up on their motorcycles for their annual Big Ride to bring mental health issues and therapies to people in remote communities. There’s the old saying that you will never find a motorcycle outside a psychologist’s office, that is unless it belongs to a psychologist who belongs to the group, Psychs …

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BMW Motorrad creating digital riders information apps friends distracted passion

Riders seek loyal, trusting friends

Riders want riding partners and friends who are trustworthy and loyal, according to an independent survey of 1018 British bikers in March 2017. It found trust was important for 70% and loyalty to 69%, but 75% of riders only get to see their close friends once every fortnight to a month. About half claim they have …

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Joe Dunn Psychs on Bikes for mentsal health stress

Psychs on Bikes ride for mental health

We’ve all seen the mental health poster that says “You never see a motorcycle outside a pyschiatrist’s office”. However, you would see a big Kawasaki GTR1400 parked outside psychiatrist Joe Dunn’s Sydney office. Joe is the founder of Psychs on Bikes, a group of mental health professionals who ride around the country spreading mental health …

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