Harley-Davidson Project Rushmore Ultra test simple supplies

Harley hydraulic clutch recalled again

Issues with the hydraulic clutch on current Harley-Davidson Touring models continue with a third voluntary recall issued through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Harley-Davidson Australia marketing manger Adam Wright says they are very proactive on safety recalls. “We take all recalls very, very seriously,” he says. In the latest recall, 2014/2015 Touring models have …

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Road King becomes king of the castle

2015 Harley-Davidson Road King review

The Harley-Davidson Road King really is king of the road. It’s my favourite Harley and the most suitable to Australia’s vast distances, climate and road conditions. However, my recent 5000+km road test wasn’t in Australia; it was in New Zealand where a straight stretch of road is rare, where the weather can be vastly different …

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