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Harley launches electric bike in 2019

Harley-Davidson has announced it will launch an electric motorcycle within the next 18 months, which would be mid 2019. The announcement comes straight after posting a big sales slump in 2017 and Harley announcing they will close their Kansas City plant. Harley global sales fell 6.7% to 241,498 in 2017 compared with 2016. US sales fell …

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Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle

Brammo electric motorcycles coming to Australia

Early adopters have already slapped down a deposit for the Brammo electric motorcycle due here in the next few weeks. The Oregon-built Brammo Empulse and Empulse R are about to be certified for sale in Australia and will be available at $16,670 and $19,350. They are being imported by ElectroMotive Force (ELMOFO), a subsidiary of …

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Harley LiveWire

Harley LiveWire electric motorcycle road test

There are a three things different about the Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire electric motorcycle from any of the many electric bikes or cars I have experienced: the noise, the braking and the feeling of acceleration. Earlier this year Harley announced its project LiveWire bike would tour North America for demonstrations at rallies and dealerships. But these …

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