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US Senate votes against rider profiling

While Australian states are ramping up their anti-association laws that profile riders as potential outlaws, the US Senate has unanimously passed a motorcyclist anti-profiling resolution. This follows an American Motorcyclist Association survey finding that half of American motorcyclists say they have been profiled by police pulling them over. There is no such survey in Australia, …

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Veteran American biker slams Aussie police profiling

Police winning propaganda war, says US biker

Police harassment of participants on a Queensland-NSW charity ride last weekend is part of a propaganda war that is winning over Australia riders, warns the lead writer for American motorcycle news website, Insane Throttle Biker. Veteran Chicago motorcycle club patch holder and independent James “Hollywood” Macecari (pictured above) says it “blows my mind” that an …

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Bikers rally in California against profiling

Social profiling of riders goes global

Australia isn’t the only country that is vilifying riders with (or without)  anti-association and consorting laws. Californian police have been profiling riders by stopping, searching and detaining riders without any legal basis. Now a petition has been launched to support anti-profiling laws in California and rider Tabitha Montalvo has asked MotorbikeWriter to share the petition …

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