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Coroner finds bump caused deaths

A hidden bump that caused the death of a rider and his pillion may not have been detected by VicRoads because it scans roads in a four-wheeled vehicle, not on a motorcycle. The Victorian Coroner’s Court did not find VicRoads culpable for the deaths of Mark Rodgers, 47, and partner Jodi Walsham, 42. However, Coroner …

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Mike Wright - Pothole repairs claim another rider justice

Shoddy pothole repairs claim another rider

Shoddy pothole repairs in northern NSW seem to be endemic and have claimed at least one more motorcycle rider. Gold Coast rider Mike Wright says he crashed his 2018 Kawasaki Z650 on unsigned roadworks with a lot of surplus gravel on the Clarence Way 10km south of Woodenbong last month. It follows similar crashes in …

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Potholes Victoria Melton conditions country poor road repair notes

Flare app notes bad road surfaces

An app that notes potholes and other road dangers to alert other riders and the local authorities could be extended from UK cyclists to motorcycle riders around the world. Many riders complain to their mates about potholes, “tar snakes”, lateral cracks, bumps and other poor road maintenance, but few do much about alerting councils and …

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Inquest pothole james Hughes Melissa Pearce councils

Council admits pothole failures at inquest

A council has formally apologised to relatives of a Ducati rider who crashed and died after hitting a massive 3.8m-wide pothole near Goulburn, NSW. The Goulburn Mulwaree Council apology came at the recent coronial inquest into the death of James Hughes, 50, on the Oallen Ford Bridge on October 4, 2015. Although the council conceded …

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