Incorrect fine Tim Byrne

Police defend incorrect rider fine

Police have refused to withdraw an incorrect fine for a rider standing on the foot pegs, even though the “commonsense” practice was legalised in South Australia in 2016 and added to the Australian Road Rules this year. Click here to read about the new ARRs. Tim Byrne (pictured above) says he was riding his Triumph …

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handlebars defect notice

Handlebar defect notices ‘incorrect’

Police who issued handlebar defect notices to riders involved in the recent Hells Angels Good as Gold charity ride may have got it wrong. Check out the claims of police harassment here. Several riders have complained on social media that their defect notices for having handlebars that are too wide or high were not correct …

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Veteran assault

Army veteran sues over alleged police assault

The Army veteran at the centre of a controversy in which police allegedly harassed participants in a charity ride has rejected a police response to his formal complaint and plans to sue for assault. “Magic”, 58, of Brisbane, of the Veterans Motorcycle Club of Australia, Brisbane Chapter, says he was assaulted by Senior Constable Murphy …

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Police Harassment in charity ride Hells Angels assault

Minor charges in charity ride ‘harassment’

More than 50 NSW, Queensland and Federal police who stopped a charity ride issued warnings, two minor drug charges and some defect notices. Ride organiser and Hells Angels MC Brisbane Chapter member Jeff Ehlers says “a lot of taxpayers’ money was spent and wasted for some very very minor offences”. “It was total abuse of …

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Veteran American biker slams Aussie police profiling

Police winning propaganda war, says US biker

Police harassment of participants on a Queensland-NSW charity ride last weekend is part of a propaganda war that is winning over Australia riders, warns the lead writer for American motorcycle news website, Insane Throttle Biker. Veteran Chicago motorcycle club patch holder and independent James “Hollywood” Macecari (pictured above) says it “blows my mind” that an …

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Sammy Harlee's Harley-Davidson Electra Glide police motorcycle impersonating police

Rider fined for impersonating police

A rider who bought a BMW R 1200 RT motorcycle that was painted and equipped to look like a police bike so he could feel safe in traffic has been fined for impersonating police. Darren Emanuel, 46, was stopped in London by motorcycle police officer PC John Harding who thought he was a colleague. He …

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Mt Mee downhill

Police defend covert downhill speed cameras

Police have defended their use of a covert Trucam mobile speed camera unit at the bottom of a 7.9km downhill section of the rider-popular Mt Mee Rd, northwest of Brisbane. This follows a call earlier this month from the Queensland Police Union for an immediate end to the use of unmarked and covert speed cameras, …

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double crash investigations justice conviction

No conviction on crashing into 2 riders

A woman who crashed into two motorcyclists in Melbourne 18 months ago has finally received a $1000 fine, one-month driving suspension and no conviction recorded. The investigating officer of Footscray Police says the penalty on the charge of failing to give way to all traffic at a give way sign was “pretty shit”. The crash …

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speed demons monash

Are motorcyclists really speed demons?

Motorcyclists are frequently the target of police and media hype about speeding, yet the figures show we are not necessarily the speed demons were are made out to be. Car drivers represent about 97% of all speeding offence notices, according to an average of figures obtained from the three eastern states. By comparison, motorcyclists represent …

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Average speed cameras

Are average speed cameras fairer?

Average speed or point-to-point cameras continue to increase their presence on our roads, but are they actually fairer than multiple speed cameras? Some of these cameras are front facing, so motorcyclists evade detection, but most are rear facing. The cameras are used in all states. However, in NSW (above photo near Inverell) they are only …

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