Top tips for tight motorbike turns

Top tips for tight motorbike turns

Most riders have dumped a bike at some time in their riding career while trying to do a tight turn. It’s a skill many people never develop or practise, but it can help you become a better and safer motorcyclist. The civilian and police riders competing in the American motorcycle skills competition at the Harley-Davidson …

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Cops Police motorcycles witnesses emergency

NSW joins emergency slow-down rule

NSW will join Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia with a new road rule requiring all motorists to slow down when passing stationary or slow-moving emergency vehicles. In NSW, WA and Victoria, motorists have to slow to 40km/h, but they have to slow to 25km/h in SA. Queensland has rejected Police Union calls for a …

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30km/h speed target in Global Road Safety Week city

City speed limits to drop even further

City speed limits used to be 60km/h, then they dropped to 50km/h, then 40km/h and now a Melbourne council wants to reduce speed limits in a special zone to 30km/h. Interestingly, the Yarra Council cites crashes involving “vulnerable road users” including motorcyclists as the reason for the speed drop. In fact, they point out that …

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handlebars petition Burleigh Bars Adrian Reynolds height concern

Handlebar height rules a ‘real concern’

An online petition calling for relaxed handlebar height rules for rider comfort and so lane filtering riders hit fewer car mirrors has been rejected by the Liberal Government, but met with “real concern” by the Federal Labor Opposition. Gold Coast handlebar manufacturer Burleigh Bars Australia started the online petition to scrap the arbitrary limit of …

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handlebars petition Burleigh Bars Paul Whittaker police

Handlebar height a ‘police witch-hunt’

Arbitrary handlebar height restrictions have created an excuse for police to conduct a witch-hunt to harass riders, says Zane Walton of Burleigh Bars Australia. The Gold Coast handlebar manufacturer has started an online petition to scrap the arbitrary limit of 380mm above the seat. Click here to read about the petition. Witch-hunt examples Zane …

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LIDAR radar speed gun

Call to challenge LIDAR speeding fines

Three defendants charged with speeding detected by police on LIDAR guns have had their fines overturned, prompting a call for riders to challenge any speeding fines they believe are incorrect. South Australian Ride to Review spokesman Tim Kelly says the SA Supreme Court judgements indicate that the handheld guns can be misused by police. He …

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privacy big brother

Is Big Brother coming to motorcycles?

Big Brother could be watching where you ride and how you ride with new technology being offered free in the UK. Every rider with a phone, GPS, action camera and/or data logger on their bike is already at risk of having stored information used against them as evidence. Now a British dashcam model and Honda …

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DayGlo Queensland Police helmet camera fined witnesses robbed

Witnesses needed in rider fatality

Witnesses to a hit-and-run involving a truck and a motorcyclist aged 22 in Logan Village, Queensland, at 8pm on 15 June 2018 are being urged to come forward to police or provide dashcam or helmet-cam evidence. Truck driver T. McLeod, 24, of Greenbank appeared in Beenleigh Magistrates Court on Friday (6 July 2018) charged with …

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Ducati Panigale V4 police bike

British police cop a Ducati Panigale V4

There would be little chance of outrunning the British motorcycle police now that they have a Ducati Panigale V4 on their fleet. However, the 211 horsepower (157kW) beast won’t be used in patrol or pursuit duties. Instead, Ducati UK has donated it to the police-led BikeSafe motorcycle project which delivers theoretical and practical rider training workshops. Let’s …

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Leave a gap lane filtering rules signs tasmania lowest rules vary

How do motorcycle lane filtering rules vary?

Lane filtering rules still vary substantially from state to state and have not yet been passed in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT, almost four years after they were introduced in NSW. The practice is allowed and even encouraged in many countries. In the USA, California allows lane splitting at no more than 10mph …

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