Victory police motorcycles

Victory chases police motorcycles

Victory police motorcycles are now on patrol in more than 40 police departments across America and Canada. The latest to add Victory to their police motorcycle fleet is Daytona Beach which hosts such motorcycle events as Speed Week, the Daytona 500 and Bike Week. We especially love the Batman-esque stealth black paintjob and can just …

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CHiPs police go Harley

CHiPs will soon be riding Harleys (like the ones pictured). In the 1970s TV series, “CHipS”, California Highway Patrol officers Frank and Ponch, played by Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox rode Kawasaki 1000s. Today’s CHiPs ride BMWs, but that is about to change. The San Francisco CHiPs have signed a deal to buy 121 American-made …

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Practice makes riders better

If you want to ride a big bike in tight maneuvres like the police, there is no easy way. It takes lots and lots of practice, says Harley-Davidson director of police and fleet sales, Steve Saint Thomas. Officiating at the police riding competition which is part of the massive Harley 110th anniversary celebrations in Milwaukee, …

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