David Black wants a pillion ride

David’s heartfelt plea for a pillion ride

Can you help David Black by offering him a regular pillion ride? You may say you never pillion another male as it’s a “dangerous threat to one’s manhood” as this funny video shows.  Or you may think David should simply learn to ride. But after you read his story, his love of bikes and his …

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Children pillion on motorcycles

Should children pillion on motorcycles?

The issue of children riding pillion on motorcycles has been raised again after this photograph of a seven-year-old girl on a sports bike in Texas surfaced on Facebook recently. It was accompanied by a storm of abuse from people saying the mother was a bad parent. The mother answered the trolling abuse and admitted it was …

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Mrs MBW, the pillion in a million

Mrs MBW survives 30 years as pillion

Motorbike Writer presents the most important motorcycle news from around the world every day and today we mark the 30th anniversary of Mrs MBW and MBW becoming rider and pillion. What could be more important! Yes, it’s our 30th wedding anniversary. Thirty years is the pearl anniversary and no one could be more of a …

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Ten top tips for riding with a pillion

Check out the hilarious video about being a pillion or “riding bitch”. Then read our serious tips on the joys of sharing your ride with someone else. My first pillion ride was also the first time I did the old ton (100mph or 160km/h) on a bike. It was 1974-ish and my flared Amco jeans were …

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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day for motorcyclists

A joy shared is a joy doubled, so taking your partner for a pillion ride is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow. (Feb 14) Hence the meme at the top. I had to explain it to Mrs MBW as she thought it might be rude. Basically it means it is easier to put …

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The "pillion in a million"

How pillions can help riders

Sometimes we pillions feel guilty that we are getting a free ride, says Mrs MBW. But there are things we can do to “pay our way”! Here’s her take on being a pillion. I love being a pillion. It’s liberating, a bit tough, very cool, and I like being the centre of attention when we arrive …

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Pillions pillion

Should kids pillion on motorcycles?

Do you still have burn marks on your legs from riding pillion on a motorcycle as a child? It seemed a rite of passage to ride on your uncle’s or friend’s older brother’s motorcycle when you were a kid. It was painful, but I’ll simply never forget the first time I was taken for a ride. …

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Mrs MotorbikeWriter

Mrs MotorbikeWriter goes motorcycle shopping

Back by popular request is Mrs MotorbikeWriter … and this time she’s going motorcycle shopping! MotorbikeWriter has had a million bikes over the years and a few times he’s asked my opinion on what he should buy next. But I either didn’t care or offer an opinion. I think my response went along the lines of …

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Kawasaki Z1000SX preview

Kawasaki has given its Z1000SX sports tourer more zap and pow. It now comes with electronic traction control with three levels of adjustment and two engine maps which can be selected via a toggle on the left switchblock. The Kawasaki Z1000SX also gets a power boost from 138hp at 9600rpm to 142hp at 10,000rpm, with …

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MBW and Mrs MBW go for a pillion ride

Pillion riders double the fun

There are those who say carrying pillion riders spoils the bike’s handling, retards the throttle, applies the brakes and halves the fun. I don’t subscribe to that theory. I say a joy shared is a joy doubled. The photo at the top is my favourite shot of me on a bike … because my wife …

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