Pillion Backrests Corbin seats

Are motorcycle backrests a waste of money?

Riders seeking extra comfort often add a backrest to their seat and pillions love them, but are they a good investment in comfort or simply a waste of money? Some big touring motorcycles come with backrest options, otherwise you can buy an aftermarket seat from brands such as American companies Sargent and Corbin which have …

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Valentine's Day cop

Two-up riding gift for Valentine’s Day

What greater gift to give the love of your life this Valentine’s Day than to take them for a ride – either as a pillion or ride-along partner. A joy shared is a joy doubled. And it could lead to more action in the bedroom! Motorbike Writer psychologist Sharon Ledger says sharing your motorcycling passion …

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Mrs MotorbikeWriter partner

5 Creative Gift Ideas for a Biker’s Partner

Valentine’s Day is a time for celebrating our love for those important in our lives, particularly our partner or spouse. When your significant other is also in love with their motorbike, consider combining their two greatest loves in one gift to show how much you care. This includes gifts for those who may no longer …

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Pillion Jennifer St. Clair

Pillion falls off bike and is run over

Florida woman Jennifer St Clair, 33, was killed when she was run over by several cars after she fell off a motorcycle pillion seat on her first date with the rider. Florida Highway Patrol are not sure of the details of the incident last weekend and are calling for witnesses. The rider has been identified …

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Even pillions can enjoy exotic adventure rides

Pillions can enjoy exotic adventure rides, too

Just because you only pillion doesn’t mean you have to miss out on adventure riding in exotic locations such as the Himalayas, says Sydney professional travel writer Maria Visconti. “I have, for the last year, been riding in the Indian Himalayas. Spiti Valley (pictured above), Zanskar Valley, Gangotri where the source of the Ganges is, …

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Rich and Rosanne Gressett short pillion hack

Great hack for short pillion riders

If you’re so short you or your partner can’t reach the pillion pegs, Alaskan riders Rich and Rosanne Gressett have a great motorcycle hack for you. Back in Alaska, they have modified the rear pillion floorboards on their Harley tourer with a bracket that makes them higher to accommodate “pocket rocket” Rosanne’s 152.4cm (5’) stature. …

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David Black wants a pillion ride

David’s heartfelt plea for a pillion ride

Can you help David Black by offering him a regular pillion ride? You may say you never pillion another male as it’s a “dangerous threat to one’s manhood” as this funny video shows.  Or you may think David should simply learn to ride. But after you read his story, his love of bikes and his …

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Children pillion on motorcycles

Should children pillion on motorcycles?

The issue of children riding pillion on motorcycles has been raised again after this photograph of a seven-year-old girl on a sports bike in Texas surfaced on Facebook recently. It was accompanied by a storm of abuse from people saying the mother was a bad parent. The mother answered the trolling abuse and admitted it was …

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Mrs MBW, the pillion in a million

Mrs MBW survives 30 years as pillion

Motorbike Writer presents the most important motorcycle news from around the world every day and today we mark the 30th anniversary of Mrs MBW and MBW becoming rider and pillion. What could be more important! Yes, it’s our 30th wedding anniversary. Thirty years is the pearl anniversary and no one could be more of a …

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Ten top tips for riding with a pillion

Check out the hilarious video about being a pillion or “riding bitch”. Then read our serious tips on the joys of sharing your ride with someone else. My first pillion ride was also the first time I did the old ton (100mph or 160km/h) on a bike. It was 1974-ish and my flared Amco jeans were …

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