Crescent multi-tool gadget

Wacky gadgets for motorcycles

We love wacky gadgets for our motorcycles and we’ve got some excellent gizmos here that scan the road for you, a handy multi-tool for fixing small mechanical problems and a phone recharger for riders on the go all day. HAZARD SCANNER The first is the Byxee road-hazard scanner which is still in the Kickstarter fund-raising …

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Belt buckle charges phone while riding

Charging your phone while out riding has usually meant plugging it into a 12V outlet on your bike or carrying one of those bulky portable chargers in your jacket pocket or tank bag. The Xoo Phone-Charging Belt makes it convenient to keep your phone charged up while on your body. A small charger cable runs from …

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phone charger - BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive

Wireless phone chargers for bikes?

Wireless phone chargers have been around for a while and the obvious place to introduce them is in motorcycles. It is a nuisance having to plug in cables for a phone, plus it is difficult tucking the cables away. Several car companies, including Audi, BMW, Porsche, Toyota and Volkswagen, have already introduced the technology. It …

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BuzzTech Multi-Function Jump Starter start breakdown

Ultimate jump starter for flat batteries

If you have ever been stranded with a flat battery on your bike, or been caught out with a flat battery on your phone, camera, Bluetooth headset, GPS, etc … worry no more. The Buzztech Multi-Function Jump Starter, which is claimed to be the world’s smallest and lightest, is a dream come true for motorcycle …

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