Harley patent for gyroscope self-balancing bike

Harley-Davidson plans balancing bike

Harley-Davidson has filed a patent for a self-balancing system that might help attract more customers to their big and heavy touring motorcycles. Their bikes already have a large flywheel and low centre of gravity that makes them stable at slow speeds, but their mass is daunting for many riders. That’s why they are often dropped …

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Triumph castrater groin

Jazzy Protector to save rider’s groin

Have you ever hit a big bump that hammers your groin on to the fuel tank, sending tears streaming down your face? Old Triumph motorcycles used to have a luggage rack on the tank (pictured above) that many called “the castrater” for obvious reasons! Thankfully modern bikes don’t have such dangerous tank attachments, but they …

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Aprilia RS 660 lightweight

Are motorbike winglets just a gimmick?

Winglets have been used on MotoGP bikes for a few years now to improved high-speed handling, but are they just a gimmick on street-registered motorcycles? It’s not just MotoGP bikes that have them, but also Ducati’s Panigale V4, Aprilia’s RSV4 and their upcoming RS660 (pictured). These all have fixed winglets, but not it seems there is a …

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Honda 850cc parallel twin

Honda plans 850cc parallel twin

Honda has filed a patent in Japan for a new 850cc parallel-twin engine to replace the current NC750 range and possibly also go into a smaller Africa Twin. In Australia, there is only the NC750X, but there are several other 70cc models overseas. The new model will not only have a new engine to meet the …

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Honda aerodynamic rear end

Honda patents aerodynamic tail

Honda has filed an application for a patent for an aerodynamic tail that looks a little like those spoilers we see on “sully sic” fast fours and 1970s supercars. Winglets have been added to the front of MotoGP bikes over the past couple of years to address aerodynamic issues. Now Honda is looking to add …

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Honda telescopic side stand

Honda patents telescopic side stand

Honda’s blitz on motorcycle patent applications continues with the latest a telescopic side stand. Instead of a solid, sprung stand you flick out to prop up the motorcycle, this stand is like a telescopic camera tripod. We can understand the need to make side stands more secure from flicking back and allowing the bike to …

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Forks Goldwing patent

Honda Goldwing forks extended

Honda has filed a patent that indicates it may be planning to extend its Goldwing double-wishbone forks to other bikes in its range. Two patent drawings show the suspension being used on a neo retro CB1100 and a C125 Super Cub scooter. So anything in between could be suitable for the suspension. To us, it …

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Aprilia anti-dive forks

Aprilia patents anti-dive forks

Aprilia has applied for a patent for a system that prevents the front forks diving under heavy braking and losing the ability to absorb bumps. The drawings show it being used on Aprilia’s RS-GP MotoGP bike. However, preventing brake dive is more important on normal roads where there are more bumps that can unsettle a …

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Yamaha FJR damage alert

Yamaha carbon frame has damage alert

Yamaha has applied for a patent on a carbon fibre frame that changes colours like a bruise when it has been damaged to alert the rider of a potential fault. You would think a rider would know when their bike has been damaged in a crash! After all, with metal frames you can see bends …

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