Melbourne Council draft transport motorcycle parking conspiracy theory transport spokesman Cr Frances Gilley

Footpath parking ban a ‘conspiracy theory’

Claims that the Melbourne Council Draft Transport Plan will reduce motorcycle parking in the city is a conspiracy theory, says transport spokesman Cr Frances Gilley (above). However, he does admit they will restrict some footpath parking in the short term with a long-term option of removing all motorcycles from CBD footpaths. In the meantime, he …

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Disabled rider Alan Francis claims parking discrimination

Disabled rider parking fine waived

Canberra rider Alan Francis has succeeded in having his $600 disabled parking fine waived, but will now campaign for disabled riders to get a more compact motorcycle-specific permit. Alan, 68, has now permanently attached his permit to his 2015 Harley-Davidson Low Rider’s left pannier. But that leaves him without a permit for his car. He …

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Disabled rider Alan Francis claims parking discrimination

Disabled rider claims parking discrimination

A disabled Canberra rider could face a $228 fine for copying his disabled parking permit and making his own holder to use on his Harley because no suitably secure system is available for motorcycles. Alan Francis, 68, says the ACT Transportation Department only supplies a flimsy plastic sleeve with the permit which would not be …

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Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp footpath parking under siege

Footpath motorcycle parking under siege

Melbourne’s much-lauded motorcycle footpath parking is under siege by Lord Mayor Sally Capp who says a survey shows that motorcycles and scooters are a major obstruction to pedestrians. While not saying motorcycles should be banned from footpaths, Sally said “more (on-street) spaces for motorcycles to park are needed so they park there instead”. Speaking on …

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Rude riders squeezing between bikes

Rude riders squeezing between parked motorbikes

The lack of parking bays in most cities is causing some rude riders to squeeze their bike or scooter between parked bikes like in the photo above. In areas where the individual bays are not marked with white paint, it is just rude. But in those delineated bays, the rider straddling the line could face …

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Scooters parking guard

Guard brings order to scooter parking

What would you think if you came back to your parked motorbike or scooter after work today and found a guard had been lined them up tightly to save space like this? It may free up more parking spaces in our CBDs, but most riders would be horrified anyone had touched their precious possession. Guard …

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Brisbane CBD motorcycle parking spaces tolls

Parking spaces replaced during work

One hundred motorcycle parking spaces in Brisbane’s CBD will close from next week for about seven months during casino development work and be replaced by the same number of spaces elsewhere in the city. The North Quay riverside lane and footpath parking spaces between Tank and Ann Streets are expected to be closed from Monday …

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Centre of the road motorcycle parking Melbourne strategy

Strategy threatens motorcycle footpath parking

Melbourne’s lauded motorcycle-friendly footpath parking is under threat from a discussion paper to update the city’s Transport Strategy. Lord Mayor Sally Capp has released a discussion paper in June that suggested strategies for reducing the access of motor vehicles to the CBD for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. An alarming finding for motorcyclists is …

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Motorcycle and scooter riders urged to make a submission to the Brisbane City Council draft transport plan - parking BCC bicycles lip

Transport plan lip service to motorbikes

Motorcycles rate just five “motherhood statements” in a 115-page Brisbane Transport Plan that pays lip service to riders and sought no input from any motorcycle group representatives. Despite the statements that acknowledge motorcycling benefits, the plan includes no strategy to encourage motorcycling. Meanwhile, whole sections are devoted to cycling and how it can improve traffic, …

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CARRSQ Narelle Haworth and Ross Blackman motorcycles parking

Motorcycles could save cities on parking

If more was done to encourage motorcycles and scooters, cities across the world would save billions of dollars on providing valuable parking space. A study of five American cities has found that the costs of providing huge chunks of land for car-parking spaces are in the billions and, in per-household terms, up to $200,000 (all …

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