MotoMedics first aid paramedic first responder jade McGuinness patrol

MotoMedics patrol sobers riders

While police patrol motorcycle “hot spots” on covert bikes, a MotoMedics first-responder motorcycle on Mt Glorious seems to have had a more preventative effect. In their first full weekend of operation MotoMedics Queensland has reported no incidences, despite a very active weekend for riders around Brisbane. MotoMedics is a volunteer riders group who will act as first responders to injured …

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Paramedic Georgia Melville

Georgia’s Paramedic Charity Ride passion

Paramedic and adventure riding fanatic Georgia Melville has started a charity ride to raise money for a charity that she is passionate about – Beyond Blue. I first met Georgia when she was the paramedic on the Compass Expeditions Outback Tour with Charley Boorman a couple of years ago. She has since been stationed in …

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