Sena updates 20S with 30K unit

The next-generation Sena 30K Bluetooth system will have improved networking so the connection isn’t lost when a rider leaves a group. The 30K will arrive in mid-2017, according to Earmold Australia, and is based on the popular 20S unit. It also uses the same mount so you can swap them over. Sena calls the new …

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Cardo's Scala Rider Packtalk Bluetooth unit - 30k hi-fi

Rider intercom that can’t be broken

One of the most popular Bluetooth intercom systems has introduced group intercom for 10 riders that can’t be broken even when one or more riders drops out of range. Cardo’s Scala Rider Packtalk now has auto-adaptive DMC technology which allows three to 10 riders to communicate without worrying that one rider will take a wrong turn, …

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