Riders are being asked to support a protest today over the state's anti-bikie "fashion law" that prohibits the wearing of "colours" associated with outlawed "bikie" clubs.

Protest over Tassie bikie ‘fashion law’

Riders are being asked to protest today against the state’s anti-bikie “fashion law” that prohibits the wearing of “colours” associated with outlawed “bikie” clubs. UPDATE: Not many riders attended, but there was a sizeable crowd as these photos show. They also launched a parliamentary petition to scrap the laws. Click here to sign. The law …

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Bikie clothing senate

Tassie ‘bikie’ law to outlaw clothing and jewellery

Tasmania is planning to follow other states with consorting laws that specify motorcycle clubs as outlaw organisations and their clothing, badges, patches and jewellery as illegal. The Liberal Government’s Police Offences Amendment (Prohibited Insignia) Bill being debated in Parliament today (20 September 2018) would ban outlaw motorcycle gang “colours”. It is a similar ban to …

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bikie vilification huts all riders

Bikie vilification ‘hurts all riders’ – IRG

Bikies have long been fighting police discrimination and resultant public vilification as the above 1970s Brisbane bikie protest photo shows, but in recent years they have faced tougher laws including even associating with them. Now the vilification is stepping up as Tasmania and Victoria appear set to toughen anti-association laws. Longtime motorcycle campaigner, Motorcycle Riders …

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mayans MC samcro sons of anarchy

Sons of Anarchy TV sequel coming

Sons of Anarchy creator and writer Kurt Sutter is working on a TV sequel called Mayans MC that focuses on the rivals-turned-allies outlaw motorcycle club. The FX cable channel’s most popular drama series finished in 2014 after seven seasons, attracting more than 10 million viewers per week. FX says the show will screen in the …

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Motorcycle Clubs Ulysses peer

Why are motorcycle clubs so popular?

New motorcycle clubs continue to spring up and many established clubs are brimming with members. Some riders love the freedom of the open road and being isolated, alone and one with their bike. They ascribe to the Groucho Marx adage: “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member.” …

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Sons of Anarchy motorcycle industry

Sons of Anarchy creator talks Harleys

  As the seventh and final series of the popular Sons of Anarchy goes to air this week in the US, the show’s creator and writer, Kurt Sutter, reveals Harley’s support and his own riding career. Kurt says Harley-Davidson’s sales have “progressively grown with our ratings”, but the company has only recently supported the show. …

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VLAD Act Vlad laws

High Court challenge to VLAD Act

Australia’s High Court will be asked to overturn more than a dozen sections of the Newman Government’s VLAD Act and “anti-bikie” legislation. The first challenge to the laws was lodged in Brisbane at noon today. Among the attacks on the validity of the laws, the challenge will contest the anti-association legislation used to arrest Brisbane …

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By-election a chance to protest VLAD Act

Voters will have their first democratic opportunity to “speak out against the madness” tomorrow (Feb 8). It’s the by-election in the Brisbane-based Federal seat of Griffith vacated by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. While it’s a Federal by-election, some voters may choose to cast a protest vote against the current Queensland Government, especially the anti-association …

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Motorcycle riders denied accommodation amid bikie fears

The Queensland Government crackdown on declared criminal motorcycle clubs is worrying tourism operators and officials. One tourism operator even believes accommodation providers are turning away bikers for fear of losing other customers scared of their appearance. At a recent meeting in Warwick of South East Queensland tourism bureaucrats, local government officials, the RACQ and tourism …

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Meet the innocent victims of the VLAD Act

Wives, mothers and children of motorcycle riders affected by the VLAD Act had to speak on their behalf at the Freedom Rally attended by thousands of protesters in Brisbane yesterday.
 The riders themselves were not able to attend because of the draconian laws that prevent people from associating with members of 26 motorcycle clubs arbitrarily …

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