Anti-vlad vest vlad laws

Anti-VLAD meeting hits venue trouble

The organiser of an anti-VLAD meeting says he has encountered nothing but grief from hotels where he hoped to stage the event on June 25. The meeting will update the public on the effect of the VLAD Act hastily introduced last year as part of the State Government’s so-called “war on bikies”. Speakers will include …

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VLAD laws

VLAD laws effect RSPCA charity ride

Queensland’s VLAD laws are now effecting the RSPCA’s annual Ruff Riders 500 charity ride.  Even the attraction of riding with V8 Supercars star Craig Lowndes is not enough to reassure riders worried they could be pulled over by police under the current anti-bikie crackdown. The past two Ruff Riders 500 rides have raised about $50,000 …

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Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy does Harley ‘no harm’

Sons of Anarchy star Kim Coates has responded to claims by fellow star Mark Boone Jr that the show “saved Harley”. “Boone and I did this great Hollywood Reporter story and Boone screams out, ‘’We basically saved Harley.’ And I went, ‘Oh god, that’s going to come back and bite you in your big fat …

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Taser holstered in police ‘harassment’ case

Claims that police had a taser ready to use on a biker at a service station have proved false. The claims came after the release of a YouTube video of the protracted questioning of Fat Boy rider Jamie Evans. The video has since been viewed more than half a million times and there is no …

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Crime summit on anti-bikie laws

A crime summit to discuss the bikie issue and the new laws rushed into parliament will be held on the Gold Coast this Friday. The summit has been organised by the State Opposition, but they claim it is “bipartisan” and have issued the open invitation t anyone who wants to discuss the issue. (IF YOU …

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Call to fight anti-bikie laws

Should all people of Mid-East appearance be stopped on the street by police and searched in case they are terrorists? Should all teenagers wearing a hoodie be searched for cans of spray paint in case they are graffiti tagger? Should all mothers with shopping bags be stopped and searched in case they are shoplifting? Should …

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