Oil filter

Things you should know about an oil filter

Any machinery that uses hydraulics must have an oil filter to sieve and get rid of contaminants (dirt mostly) that could be harmful to your engine. All engines have a combustion chamber to burn fuel which enables locomotion or action. Now think of the oil in the locomotive as blood in the human body. What would happen if …

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Motul motorcycle oIls

Are car oils suitable for a motorcycle?

As the old ad slogan used to say, Oils ain’t oils, and that’s very true for motorcycle lubrication which has different requirements from cars. French oil company Motul says oils in your car are mainly to lubricate moving parts in the engine, while oils in your motorcycle not only lubricate the engine but also cool …

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oil break in motorcycle

Mineral or synthetic oil for your motorcycle?

This age-old question about oils doesn’t have an easy answer. However, your motorcycle manual will specify a particular oil and it is prudent to adhere strictly to that. But usually the manual only provides specifications of viscosity/weight and service classifications, not the origin or the manufacturer. Synthetic oils are manmade, consistent and devoid of contaminants, …

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