Rider challenges helmet sticker fine withdrawn

Rider challenges helmet sticker fine

A Victorian rider is challenging a fine for not having an external compliance sticker on his Australian-approved motorcycle helmet as he claims the internal certificate label makes it compliant. Alasdair “Ted” Cameron says he was pulled over in April 2018 on his 2016 Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider S about 200m from his home in Geelong by one …

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Police seek riders in stunt groups peer

Police seek riders in stunt groups

Riders could face prosecution for riding in groups where riders block public roads to allow others to perform a wheelie, burnout or other stunt. This follows several incidents in the USA and the most recent police chopper video from Toronto where police have threatened to fine any rider who was involved in the groups, whether …

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ex-Cop faces hearing over throwing object at rider

Cop faces hearing over throwing object at rider

Almost 20 months after a NSW police officer was charged with throwing an object at a rider who then crashed, the court matter has been adjourned once again after a three-day hearing. A video of the incident shows Senior Constable Brett Rossiter performing random breath tests on Hannahs Road at Narwee on Friday November 6, 2015. A motorcycle …

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Ryan Cullen fined for pillion

Wife stranded after minor bike fine

A Gold Coast rider is refusing to pay a minor fine on principle after the offence was dropped by law days later and his wife was dangerously stranded alone at night by police. It’s a matter of principle and moral outrage,” says 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R rider Ryan Cullen. He was taking his wife, Tiffani, home …

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