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Can I transfer a number plate to a motorbike?

(Contributed post for our UK readers) Whether you want to transfer your private number plate from car to car, motorbike to another motorbike or in-between the two, all of these options are possible and the same rules apply for each. As long as the vehicle is subject to an annual test there are no restrictions …

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If you’ve got a lazy $1m to send on unnecessary bling for your motorcycle, then you might consider buying the NSW  “1” plate.

NSW 1 motorcycle plate for sale

If you’ve got a lazy $1m to spend on unnecessary bling for your motorcycle, then you might consider buying the NSW  “1” plate. The first motorcycle number plate issued in NSW has been listed for sale publicly for the first time in more than 100 years. Numberplates.com.au believes NSW 1 will set a record for …

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speeding cameras covert

Cars bigger evaders of speeding fines

Speeding cars with obscured number plates are much bigger evaders of speed camera fines than motorcyclists without front number plates. A New Zealand authority earlier this year called for fixed and mobile speed cameras to be turned around to photograph the rear of vehicles after noting many motorcyclists evading fines. For years Australian police, safety …

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Kiwi fixed speed camera satellite

Call to turn speed cameras around

New Zealand authorities are being urged to turn speed cameras around because front-on cameras are not catching speeding motorcyclists. It’s a better option than re-introducing front number plates for motorcycles as suggested by former Victorian Road Safety Camera Commissioner Gordon Lewis. Speeding motorcyclists are estimated to account for around 10% of motorists captured by front-on …

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Benzina motorcycle gear

Benzina launches Italian motorcycle style

Benzina is a fledgling motorcycle accessories brand that has launched exclusively on the new MotorbikeWriter shop site. The Brisbane-based brand will feature an array of innovative and stylish products from non-scratch keyrings to numberplate holders that guard against theft. Benzina means “fuel” in Italian. The brand is the brainchild of an Italian immigrant who has worked …

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front number plate turn speed cameras around

Cop calls for motorcycle front number plates

A 13% drop in speed camera offences by Victorian motorcycles despite bike registrations increasing 25% has been cited as a need for front number plates. The Victorian Motorcycle Council says the statistics should be a good news story, but claim Road Safety Camera Commissioner Gordon Lewis has twisted the figures for his own purposes and …

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