Motorcycle theft stolen motorcycles sick skunklock scams penalties tougher

Are tougher vehicle theft penalties working?

Tougher jail penalties of 14 years for anyone involved in motor vehicle theft or rebirthing in NSW have resulted in lower thefts, a new review of the 2006 laws has found. In February 2019, the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council engaged law firm Clayton Utz to perform the law review. It found that the NSW …

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Steve Pearce Motorcycle Council of NSW treasurer texting distracted sentence siege

Government siege on motorcyclists

Most riders believe motorcycling is under siege by governments that want to legislate us out of existence under a thin veil of safety. Now Motorcycle Council of NSW treasurer Steve Pearce (pictured above on his Triumph ST Sprint) has vocalised what we all think in his unprecedented attack on the NSW Government. It follows their …

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Oxley Highway speed review cameras- Oxley Highway may set safety benchmark battle event

Oxley Highway may set safety benchmark

The famed motorcycle nirvana that is the Oxley Highway may soon set the benchmark for rider safety with some innovative safety strategies being considered. While riding the Oxley last week, I bumped into a group of road safety and transport workers at Gingers Creek. They can’t be named nor their organisations, but they were happy …

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MCC NSW chairman Christopher CJ Burns CTP

CTP insurance fight returns for riders

Riders who successfully fought against unfair Compulsory Third Party insurance hikes in 2013 that could have led to more than $2000 for Greenslips now face another CTP battle. The NSW Government has proposed changing the very structure of CTP which not only affects riders, but every motorist.  The NSW Government’s proposed changes: Give the insurance company …

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Oxley Highway

Petition to change Oxley speed zones

Reduced speed zones on the famed Oxley Highway have prompted outrage from riders and sparked a petition to reverse and stop the spread of reduced speed zones along the NSW route. CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION The petition over the “ridiculous” speed changes has been started by Wauchope resident Ken Healey after reading about …

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NSW MCC vice-chairman Chris Burns (left), NSW Transport Minister Duncan Gay and police officer - helmet legal issue

European motorcycle helmets legal in 2016

International-standard European helmets will become legal to wear in NSW “by early 2016”, according to NSW Transport Minister Duncan Gay. This will bring the state into line on approval for United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) helmets with Queensland, Victoria and Northern Territory and allow riders to cross test borders without fear of being fined. The Minister’s office …

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NSW MCC vice-chairman Chris Burns (left), NSW Transport Minister Duncan Gay and police officer - helmet legal issue

Confusion grows over illegal helmets

International-standard helmets remain illegal to wear in some states while NSW has urged the federal government to get their act together and make them legal to sell. NSW Transport Minister Duncan Gay has announced that NSW will approve the use of international-standard UNECE helmets, but only after the Federal Government and Australian Consumer and Competition …

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Leave a gap lane filtering queue jumping

Lane filtering passes first anniversary

The introduction of lane filtering a year ago has reduced congestion on major roads and reduced the risk of injury to riders says the Motorcycle Council of NSW. Vice chairman Christopher Burns says in a press release that NSW led the way in July 2014 by introducing lane filtering which has since been followed by …

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Shooters & Fishers Party

Shooters & Fishers support riders

Motorcycle branches of the Shooters & Fishers Party are being planned across the nation in an effort to be more relevant to riders. The first is the Shooters & Fishers Party NSW Motorcycle Branch which has formulated several policies and will back candidate Peter Johnson for the NSW Upper House in the March elections. Branch …

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lane-splitting lane filtering tailgater education campaign

Growing support for lane filtering

As NSW and Queensland accept lane filtering as a traffic-jam buster, other states are idling over the issue and an American petition has been started. In the USA, California is the only state to allow lane filtering or splitting. On December 2, a petition to the Obama administration was started to extend lane filtering around …

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